Sony Xperia Z2 Unveiled at MWC 2014, Packing Qualcomm's Latest Beast

If one of Sony Mobile’s goals in 2014 is to compete with big names like Apple and Samsung in smartphone market, then there is no other way for Sony except to launch a powerful high-end device that can match iPhone and Samsung’s flagships.

In 2014 at MWC in Barcelona, Sony just begun its first journey in smartphone jungle by unveiling its latest Xperia smartphone called Sony Xperia Z2. Actually, this device has been rumored few months ago, along with Xperia Z2 Tablet if I’m not wrong. But this time, we’ve just got the conclusion of that Sony’s new flagship.

Recently, Sony has finally made Sony Xperia Z2 official in front of public at MWC 2014. And as a new flagship, then the specs of Sony Xperia Z2 will be the ones that will get the most scrutinize from the public. Luckily, Sony is more than prepared for that matter.

Sony Xperia Z2 will bring many cutting edge specs and technologies to the table. As a starter, the screen of this device is a 5.2-inches supporting the resolution of 1080x1920 pixels and it’s armed with light color LED IPS screen and it has the widest color pallet that will surely deliver an eye-pleasing experience and great viewing angle to the end users. According to many hands on videos across YouTube, the screen of this phone is way better than the predecessor, Sony Xperia Z that has bad viewing angle and the screen looks washed out, probably given its IP57 certification that requires the screen to be tightly protected especially from water.

Fortunately, many reviewers experienced that the screen of this phone now has great viewing angle, which now has become one of the most crucial things on the latest smartphone’s screens, especially in 2014.

Talking about performance, the Sony Xperia Z2 is believed could deliver a satisfying experience to the users. Equipping itself with the latest monster quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor from Qualcomm (slightly better than the "beast" Snapdragon 800), this phone will absolutely run extremely faster and free of any lag whatsoever, just like Samsung GALAXY S5 that also uses that same processor. So this aspect gets the best treatment from Sony.

Not to mention, multitasking apps or web browser’s tabs will never disrupt the whole performance of this phone because 2GB of RAM has been equipped on this device, something that also will become the new trend in 2014’s high-end smartphones.

Besides great display, fast processor and big fat RAM, Sony Xperia Z2 also features LTE connectivity (which is a must), better camera that can give HDR quality in video recording, microSD card slot, NFC, Android 4.4 Jelly Bean, Clear Audio+ and Bravia Reality Display.

Sony Xperia Z2 has also been armed with IP58 water resistant that tightly protects this phone against water from entering inside the internal device, including through the microSD card port, headphone jack, microUSB and battery cover because those holes are perfectly covered with glass panels front and back, and plastic strips to close the ports from the water.

Lastly, there is one other great feature that has been provided by Sony Mobile on this device. And that is called Battery Stamina mode that will automatically kill all the background process in memory and also apps when the screen is turned off, which in turn will allow this smartphone to maintain the battery life 4 times longer in standby mode.

Sony Xperia Z2 will soon arrive in the market in March, according to Sony’s latest announcement at MWC 2014. Well, if you’re looking forward to buy this phone when it finally launches to the market, Sony Xperia Z2 will be heading to market this March.

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Android Quad-core XOLO Q600 Launches in India

India has been known as one of the largest smartphone markets in the whole world, competing with China and other developing countries. And just like China smartphone market, in India, affordable smartphones are selling great in that country. And recently, a smartphone company in India named XOLO just launched its latest smartphone running Android to India inhabitants.

Intel Quad-core XOLO Q600 Launches in IndiaIn India, Xolo is already popular for making good quality premium smartphones in that country. One of them is Xolo Q600. The great thing about this phone is that, Xolo Q600 is the first quad-core smartphone from this company. Interestingly, despite the unpopular name of this company, Xolo Q600 is actually one decent phone.

Running on Android platform under Jelly Bean 4.2 flag (which is quite impressive), this phone also packs some awesome high quality specs on it, such as: 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, a 4.5-inch TFT 854x480 pixel screen with 217ppi, Dual SIM card mode for 3G and 2G, 5MP rear-facing camera, 2000mAh battery and many more.

Intel Quad-core XOLO Q600 Launches in IndiaI think, besides the quad-core processor that comes with this device, the other interesting factor about Xolo Q600 is definitely the PowerVR SGX544 GPU that powers the graphics on this phone, which is the same one powering the current iPhone and iPad. So the graphics quality of this phone will definitely be great for gaming.


  • 4.5-inch 854x480 pixel TFT screen
  • 1.2GHz MTK 6589 quad-core processor Cortex-A7
  • PowerVR SGX544 GPU
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB of internal storage
  • Dual-SIM 3G and 2G
  • 5MP camera
  • VGA front camera
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
Currently, Xolo prices this for Rs 8,999 in India. What do you think? Are you interested of getting one?

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Oppo Find 5 Officially Upgraded with Snapdragon 600 from Older S4 Pro Quad-core

Oppo has been known as the company who makes Blue-Ray DVD products. However, the company cracked the smartphone business when it finally launched its powerful smartphone called Oppo Find 5 to the market. Despite its new player label, through Oppo Find 5, this company has managed to gain respects from rivals and tech enthusiasts for its success in delivering many hardcore hardware specs into the beautiful designed smartphone.

Oppo Find 5 Officially Upgraded with Snapdragon 600 from Older S4 Pro Quad-core
But the company has another plan for its pride flagship smartphone. Recently, Oppo just updated its Oppo Find 5 with some hardware upgrades here and there. Interestingly, the company decided to do that silently without the words. Now the new version of Oppo Find 5 has a cool new hardware injection in the processor sector.

If in the old Oppo Find 5, you only find the Qualcomm's last year beast, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core 1.5GHz Krait CPU, now the new Oppo Find 5 comes with Snapdragon 600 Krait CPU that is clocked at 1.7GHz, making sure that the performance of this phone will be boosted to the far new level.

In the GPU or graphics side, the new Oppo Find 5 now finds itself injected with the same Adreno 320 but with 96 Arithmetic Logic Units, an upgrade the older 64 Arithmetic Logic Units, helping the phone improve the graphics performance when handling hardcore stuff like gaming. The remaining specs are still the same just like the original device.

I think this is such a great move by Oppo because Oppo Find 5 is no doubt the beast in smartphone market right now, even when it still has the older chipsets. By upgrading that sector, there is no need for Oppo to worry with other competing rivals because its phone will have more time to sit in high-end flagship markets in the next few months.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't heard anything about this phone, Oppo Find 5 is a decent Android smartphone. Packing some high-end specs in it, like 5-inch 1920x1080 pixel display with 441 ppi, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM and 2,500mAh battery, really makes this phone deserve to be pegged at expensive price point.

The good thing about this device is that, compared to Xperia Z, Oppo Find 5 apparently is more superior to that Sony's current flagship. From the viewing angle, loudspeaker sound and screen quality, Oppo Find 5 proved to be much better than Xperia Z in those aspects. So it will be a great choice for you if you intend to buy high-end Android smartphone.

Meanwhile, if you still want to wait for the next release from this company, then you must be patient as Oppo Find 7 is set to release this September and packs a gigantic 4000mAh battery in it. Exciting, huh?

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LG G Pro 2 Will Pack Qualcomm's beast processor

Qualcomm has received many positive reviews from phone geeks and enthusiasts for its success in delivering the powerful super-fast chips, Snapdragon 600 and 800 to smartphone and tablet games. Unfortunately, for now, there are only Snapdragon-600-powered devices available in the market to date, with the real beast Snapdragon 800 being kept securely by the chip maker.

LG's Rumored G2 Will Likely Pack Qualcomm's beast Snapdragon 800But the good news just came and it looks like the ones that will be lucky to get the Snapdragon 800 experience are the owners of LG's new device called LG G Pro 2.

This report sounds so surprising because compared to Samsung that can ship hordes amount of Android devices, LG has been struggling to secure its place in top place against Apple and Samsung, as long as HTC.

If this report comes to realization, it's believed that LG Optimus G2 will have many capabilities that current smartphones don't have, for example is the ability to capture videos at four times resolution of standard 1080p, with up to 4.000x2000 pixels, which could result in much even clearer video quality than on the current smartphones, including Apple iPhone.

LG Optimus G2 Will Pack Qualcomm's beast Snapdragon 800Not only that, any Snapdragon-800-powered smartphones, including G2, will be capable to have a sensor above 20MP, which is unlikely to happen given that even current Android flagship smartphones only sport around 13MP camera. Beside of that, the capability to deliver much faster and more powerful performance to smartphones means that LG G2 will pack a much bigger battery.

Anyway, besides LG's rumored G2, the other devices that will also get the chance to experience Snapdragon's future beast are Sony Xperia Z Ultra and possibly Oppo Find 7.

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Jelly Bean Finally Surpasses GingerBread and Ice Cream Sandwich in Androiid Adoption

Google's pride mobile OS, Android, has been plagued with the label of fragmentation because there are many of Android-powered devices around the market aren't able to catch up with Jelly Bean updates. But it looks like, the fragmentation label on Android will likely disappear in the near future as the new report just told us that Jelly Bean now has finally leaped Gingerbread for the first time ever.

Jelly Bean Finally Surpasses GingerBread and Ice Cream Sandwich in Androiid AdoptionAccording to the Android usage data gathered by Google and released on Monday, apparently, Jelly Bean managed to grab around 37.9% adoption compared to Gingerbread that currently has around 34.1% adoption. Anyway, for those of you who haven't known already, Jelly Bean is the latest build of Android OS, while Gingerbread is the fourth installment of that mobile OS (after Donut, Eclair and Froyo).

The increase of 4,9% from 33% adoption of Jelly Bean last month happened thanks to the Samsung's pride flagships, GALAXY S3 and S4, which both of them are the selling like crazy around the market to date, competing head to head with iPhone sales. And it looks like, the increase of Jelly Bean adoption will be much even bigger in the near future because the Google edition phones have been sold on Google Play Store.

Anyway, this other good news is that Ice Cream Sandwich, which is previous build of Android OS, has been left behind by Jelly Bean, holding only around 23.3% adoption from entire Android devices in the world, or at least the ones that got "busted" by Google through its Google Play Store usage data. That percentage adoption is also the decrease from last month, which was around 25.6%.

Sad news came for those of you who are still using either Donut, Eclair, Froyo and Honeycombs (tablet-only OS) because all of these Android builds combined only counts about less than 5%, which is a great news on one hand.

Hopefully, Google's recent decision to sell the Google Edition of Android flagships like Samsung GALAXY S4, HTC One or maybe Sony Xperia Z will proved to be a much even bigger driving force for the increase of Jelly Bean adoption in the near months. And that's the time when we'll finally be ready to say sayonara to "Android fragmentation".

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ZTE Announces Six New Smartphones and Four New 3G Datacards

Apparently, ZTE still wants to continue to grow its presence in India smartphone market as this company is set to launch not just one smarphone or 2, but 6 new devices running on Android will be ready to market anytime soon in India market. The highest model from all of these 6 ZTE new phones is called ZTE Grand X, which will be price-tagged at Rs14,999 and if you happen to live in India, you can get this phone anytime soon in the coming days.

ZTE Announces Six New Smartphones and Four New 3G DatacardsAs a flagship model of ZTE new smartphone line, ZTE Grand X brings all the great quality goodies to the tablet. From a 1.2GHz quad-core processor accompanied by 1GB of RAM, making sure that the performance of this phone will be fast enough even when running multiple apps at the same time. In the camera sector, the owner of this phone will get a mid-range 5MP rear-facing camera to accommodate the hobby of photography.

And if you also like playing games in the long run, then you don't need to worry as ZTE Grand X has been armed with a wide 5-inch 540x960 display plus a huge 2500mAh battery on its back, meaning that playing hardcore games, watching movies or browsing the net will be so relaxing, thanks to its wide screen and long battery life.

ZTE Announces Six New Smartphones Grand X and Four New 3G Datacards

This phone also comes with some standard features like Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless charging. The software also gets a good treatment as ZTE Grand X will come with Android 4.2 pre-installed, which is not too far away with the latest Android build, 4.3.

Meanwhile, the other 5 ZTE smartphones will also come with great features and specs depend on the price, with price tags starting from Rs5,000 to Rs15,000. They are:
  1. ZTE Blade G2, which is priced at Rs11,599.
  2. ZTE Blade C, which is priced at Rs7,599.
  3. ZTE Blade L, which is priced at Rs12,599.
  4. ZTE Kis Flex, which is priced at Rs5,799.
  5. ZTE Blade E, which is priced at Rs11,999.
Anyway, besides launching 6 new smartphones, ZTE is also planning to market its four 3G datacards in India, ranging between Rs1500 to Rs2500 that according to ZTE, can provide various sppeds and features to users.
Meanwhile, when asked about the market that ZTE wants to target with its 3G datacards, the Vice President of ZTE india, Yuan Kang, quoted as saying:
"There is a USD 350 million opportunity right now (smartphone and data card market), which is expected to grow to USD one billion in 3-4 years. We definitely want to tap this market,".
So hopefully, with these new launches, ZTE can grab more markets and sales in India and become another top smartphone maker at least in emerging markets like in India or China. But most importantly, they will always put quality over quantity in making their products in the future.

New Affordable 5-inch Smartphone Called ZTE U887 Will Land in China

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Sony VAIO Duo 11, an 11-inch Tablet Running Full Windows 8 OS

Sony has been known as a company that can make many well-designed devices. Its tablets, Sony Tablet S and P are no exception. Sony Tablet S has a characteristic of its elegant thick shoulder, while Sony Tablet P, as you all know already, it has a distinctive design called clam-shell, which is so rare in the tablet market to date.

Sony VAIO Duo 11, an 11-inch Tablet Running Full Windows 8 OSUnfortunately, these 2 solid-built tablets just couldn’t get the attention or popularity as much as other tablets were getting, like of course, Apple’s iPad, Samsung GALAXY Tab, Asus Transformer line or Amazon’s Kindle Fire. However, it’s not the end of the world for Sony because this company is ready again to compete by bringing a new tablet called

Sony VAIO Duo 11 that will be running Windows 8 on its platform


Sony VAIO Duo 11

, as its name says, is an 11-inch tablet that runs Windows 8. Even though there is still no exact specs revealed in the report, some stuff that will possibly be found on this tablet are a stylus and a full backlit keyboard, which are not so surprising since this tablet has a serious operating system from Microsoft in it, a full Windows 8. The other thing that will obviously be found on Sony VAIO Duo 11 is the Office applications that will come pre-installed.

There is no word about when this tablet will be announced by Sony, but hopefully, we’ll get to see more about this device in the near future.

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A New Comer ZTE Apache Will be Armed with 8-Core CPU

In the smartphone world, the company named ZTE may not be familiar to hear, especially if you’re not really into smartphone industry. However, from now on, you should be familiar with this company because ZTE currently has become one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in China. This company recently just announced some of its ZTE lineup to the public. And they are ZTE Flash 2, ZTE Avid 4G, ZTE N880E and some other new models.

A New Comer ZTE Apache Will be Armed with 8-Core CPU and Will Arrive in 2013Amazingly, the one called ZTE N880E reportedly would be re-launched by the company and would come with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean pre-installed.

This is really amazing because this phone becomes the first Android handset in China that will get upgraded to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean in the near future.

And apparently, the aforementioned reports about ZTE above will not be the last surprising things you’ll ever hear from this Chinese company. Recently, there is a rumor saying that ZTE will launch another new smartphone that its specs might make you jump from your bed. This one is called ZTE Apache.

ZTE Apache is rumored to have some incredible specs in it. As a starter, a mind-blowing 8-core CPU will be armed in this phone. Well, 8-core processor is definitely so shocking to hear because in the recent trend, most smartphones around the market to date still use dual-core or quad-core processor. So if this rumor is true, this means the performance of this handset will be extremely insanely faster than any other phones in this industry.

Anyway, the remaining specs of this device are jaw-dropping as well. Rumor has it that ZTE Apache will come with 13MP camera, 1080p screen and WCDMA/4G LTE/TD-SCDMA connectivity options. This phone is expected to arrive possibly in December.

And if this phone indeed will come to the realization, then other high-end smartphones around the market must be ready to face a new tough challenger from ZTE in the future.

Hopefully, we can get more details and updates about ZTE Apache in the coming future.

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ZTE Avid 4G is Coming to MetroPCS in the Near Future

Few days ago, a new smartphone running Android OS from unpopular brand called ZTE Flash 2 just launched on one of carriers in the US named Sprint. Despite its small recognition in smartphone market, this phone amazingly comes with some great specs in it. As a matter of fact, one of many specs on ZTE Flash 2 is jaw dropping one. And that is the 12.6MP camera on its back, besides other amazing high-end specs in it, which makes this phone a flagship device from ZTE.

ZTE Avid 4G is Coming to MetroPCS in the Near FutureBut apparently, the company that made this device doesn’t want to count solely on that phone in order to compete with other smartphones around the market to date. Surprising, the other handset called ZTE Avid 4G is also being prepared by this manufacturer to the market anytime soon.

Yeah, that’s true. In fact, based on the recent tweet from EVleaks, ZTE Avid 4G is said to arrive on MetroPCS in the near future.

And as the name of this phone reads, ZTE Avid 4G will be equipped with 4G LTE connectivity in it, meaning that surfing the web, downloading, uploading, buffering online videos, streaming files from cloud storage will be extremely faster with this phone.

According to that tweet, this phone allegedly will be a mid-end device, unlike the ZTE Flash 2 that clearly is a flagship from ZTE based on its specs.

Unfortunately, EVleaks doesn’t say anything about the specs of this phone. But it’s believed that ZTE Avid 4G will be armed with a 4-inch screen, Android 4.0 ICS, front-facing camera and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Given the fact that this phone is a mid-end smartphone, then the remaining specs of this phone might not be as impressive as the old brother, ZTE Flash 2.

Hopefully, we’ll get more details and updates about this ZTE Avid 4G in upcoming weeks.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 Launched to the Market – Windows RT Tablet with Unique Design

Recently, we’ve just heard that, despite a huge popularity of Samsung and Apple in global smartphone market, in China, the company named Lenovo apparently has become the new giant manufacturer in that country. This is of course quite surprising because Lenovo has been “out of radar” in the past few months in this industry.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 Launched to the Market – Windows RT Tablet with Unique DesignBut that changed significantly when this Chinese manufacturer released many affordable yet good quality smartphones to the market in that country.

However, besides producing smartphones, apparently, Lenovo has set a sight on the other market in the future, a tablet market. And Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 looks like will be a new challenger for Microsoft Surface tablet.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 is an 11.6-inch HD-screened tablet running Windows RT pre-installed. Something that can be interesting to highlight on this device is that this tablet is designed very uniquely by the manufacturer. It actually has a normal laptop design where the keyboard and the screen can be manually united together in one device.

However, the attractive thing about the design is that when you don’t want to use the keyboard on this device, you can flip the keyboard to the back position until it forms a stand for the device, so you can use it as a tablet. This of course is different with the original design promoted by Microsoft through its Surface tablet.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11, unfortunately, is a really expensive tablet though. The 32GB model of this tablet will cost you $679.2, while the biggest 64GB variant will dig your pocket deeper for $759.2 with a coupon code “Cyber Monday”.

Not to mention, this device will be extremely faster on performance and powerful on battery life, thanks to the Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 13 hours of battery life.

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Quad-core Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 Tablet Can be ordered at Best Buy for $300

When it comes to laptop making business, the name Lenovo is definitely one of the companies that will pop up in your mind. Having such a good success in notebook industry doesn’t make Lenovo too satisfied because this manufacturer has a future plan to expand its wings to much wider industry that is related to gadget making business, which is why this company is ready to introduce its tablet creation to the world. A new tablet that Lenovo has been busy to promote is

Lenovo IdeaTab A2109

, A quad-core-powered tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich of Android.

Quad-core Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 Tablet Can be ordered at Best Buy for $300

Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 is now on sale

, no, I mean, it’s now sold at retailers Best Buy for $299.99, which the price is acceptable since this tablet brings many decent quality specs in it.

Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 comes with 9-inch screen that has a screen resolution of 1280x800 pixels, micro HDMI, 1GB of RAM, 3MP of camera on the back and 16GB of internal storage.

Meanwhile, its younger brother, Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 will also be making the release date possibly next month, hopefully with an equal price tag as other 7-inch competitors like Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire, of course, in order to hook more demands in the market.

What do you think? Are you interested of getting one of these 2 Lenovo’s tablets?

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MediaTek Reportedly to Launch Samsung Octa's Contender

In many developing countries around the globe, affordable smartphones are selling like Justin Bieber's albums. And there are lots of them in varied different brands and designs. The great thing about these low-cost smartphones is that many of them are packed with some hardcores specs that can't be underestimated by the users, especially geek-type of users. For example, is the processor that comes with on those "cheap" phones.

MediaTek Reportedly to Launch Samsung Octa's ContenderIn many affordable Android smarpthones, MediaTek chips are quite often being named in the specs sheet, although older dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon can also found on many of them.

Being popularly known as chip manufacturer that provides low-cost chips for devices, that doesn't mean that MediaTek processors are weak in performance. In fact, now you can actually play many HD Android games on just MediaTek-chip-armed smartphones under $80.

And apparently, MediaTek is not going to do the business in low-end market only as this chip maker is planning to launch a new mindblowing jawdropping mindboggling, .. (add this yourself) processor in July this year. And it's not gonna be just a dua-core, or quad-core, but it will be a mega octa-core chip, coded as MTK6592. 

Something interesting about this MediaTek's octa-core chip is that it will be a System-on-Chip (Soc). And that means, this MediaTek chip is really an octa-core chip, running on the actual 8-cores. It's believed that Samsung's homemade, Exynos octa-core process can be outclassed easily by MediaTek creation. As a matter of fact, the Antutu test has proven that MTK6592 is able to beat Samsung's octa-core Exynos 5410 SoC in term of performance.

According to the report, this chip will be clocked at 2.0GHz and will be made by using 28nm manufacturing process. The shipping will be ready starting from July. However, don't expect to find any MediaTek octa-core handset around the market before this December. Report also says that the first manufacturers that can taste this sweet beast will likely be China's device makers.

Well, this news definitely is a such great thing in tech world. Can you imagine that in the near future, there will be many affordable to expensive smartphones or tablets that have such an extremely fast UI and performance, but in the same time, doesn't consume too much energy from the battery, which means, you can use your devices at least in one full day with a single charge. That's awesome!!!

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Havoc Releases its 3D game engine for Developers for FREE

Unreal Engine has been really popular in mobile gaming as this game engine has been used several times in many smartphone and tablet games like Infinity Blade, Epic Citadel and many more. But apparently, that is not the only game engine that you will see in mobile gaming in the near future.

Havoc Releases its 3D game engine for Developers for FREEAnother sophisticated game engine developed by Irish-based company named Havoc is ready to play a huge roll in developing the iOS and Android games to the next level. As a matter of fact, this 3D game engine has been used several times by some game makers, like Gameloft who already used it on its recent-release Gangstar Vegas.

Recently, Havoc, the company, decided to release its 3D game engine to developers who are interested in developing games using this tech. By using this game engine, many game developers can take full advantage in improving real-time collisions and dynamics of rigid body that it presents inside the game. In simple words, Gameloft already explained about the use of this game engine in its game, Gangstar Vegas.

According to that one of Gameloft's devs, Havoc 3D game engine gives more natural and realistic collision or movement of cars when it moves or hits some hard element in the game, like colliding other cars or walls. So car movement will be more realistic just like in real life.

Anyway, through Havoc 3D game engine, as a developer, you can get an incredible game engine called Project Anarchy, of course for developing games for mobile platforms.

So if you are a developer, then you might want to check out this stuff for your future projects.

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EA: Next Tablet will have Nearly PS3 Quality Graphics

These days, more and more console gamers are slowly shifting their attention from console gaming to another platform that has been growing significantly and quickly in gaming industry. And that is tablet and smartphone gaming.

As we all know already, now several game developers who normally make games for console or PC have shown their interest in porting their popular titles to iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms. To name a few, there are GTA III and GTA Vice City by Rockstar Games, Resident Evil, FIFA, PES 2012 and many more.

Seeing how fast the development of mobile gaming has been happening in the past few years, it's just a matter of time when tablet games will finally have the same quality graphics just like on PS 3 or XBOX 360. As a matter of fact, EA Labels' representative has shared his interesting view about the future of tablet gaming.

IGN, one of the biggest and most popular gaming portals on the web, just had a chance to meet and have an interview with the President of EA Labels, Frank Gibeau. In that interview, Frank talks about how tablet gaming has a great chance to enter in the actual console gaming industry in the near future.

“In the near future, the next wave of tablets and phones will have nearly Xbox 360 or PS3 capabilities in terms of graphics,” Gibeau told IGN. “Some of our engine technology that used to be console-specific now can, with modifications, be able to power games on tablets and on phones in the near future. We’re just getting ready for that.”

“You have to redesign the game,” he explained. “You can’t just bring it over and have a virtual D-pad on the tablet. It doesn’t work. You have to re-architect it around touch, voice, camera. Our teams are having a lot of fun with that, reimagining an experience on a tablet using the same graphics and assets in some ways, but completely remixing the meal. Same ingredients, completely different meal. That’s kind of the way we think about it.” - Frank Gibeau
I think this is gonna be really interesting to see how tablet gaming develops even further in the future. I just can't imagine if Rockstar Games finally launches the latest GTA games with the quality graphics just like on Xbox 360 or PS 3, or even their console sequels (i.e., Xbox One and PS4).

I believe all phone and tablet manufacturers will have a big home work to do, and that is to bring much higher quality hardware specs to the future smartphones in order to allow developers to bring their best ever quality graphics to their games. This is gonna be so cool!!

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Storage Benefits Of Cloud Computing

For a few years now, cloud computing has been a hot topic in technology news. As more and more people have come to understand the cloud, cloud storage has been implemented more broadly across various businesses, and even in schools. More recently, however, cloud storage has become useful on an individual basis, with many realizing the various benefits.

Storage Benefits Of Cloud ComputingAvailable from a list of different providers that range from major tech companies like Google and Apple, to emerging niche companies like ShareFile, cloud computing can work wonders for individual storage needs and convenience. Here are a few specific examples of just how cloud computing can help you to organize your digital files.

Transfer Files With Ease

Perhaps the main benefit of using cloud storage in your personal life is that you'll rid yourself of the need to transfer files through physical means (like USB devices, CDs, or even connection cords). With the cloud in place on your various devices, you can sync files from one device to another entirely through the cloud, without ever connecting anything. For example, you can take a photo on your smart phone and download it on your computer for an album!

Save Storage Space

The ability to transfer files so easily, and to store files on the cloud, also means that cloud computing helps you to conserve storage space. If, for example, you don't want to take up memory on a computer or phone with excessive photo files, you can simply store them in the cloud until you have specific need of them. Of course, your cloud itself will have limited storage space, but it's a convenient second option.

Sync Music Easily

One of the most common individual uses for cloud computing these days - for the average user - is simply in syncing music. It's always frustrating to download a new song on one device and then not be able to access the song from another. With cloud computing, you can do away with this issue completely, and download the same song onto all of your devices. The same is true for other types of files.

Edit Files Conveniently

Finally, you can also take advantage of your cloud network to edit and work on document files. This is particularly useful for students and professionals who find themselves working from a variety of different devices at different times. With a document saved to the cloud - rather than to a computer - you can access it from any device, giving you the flexibility to make edits and continue your work whenever you wish.

Huawei Announces MediaPad 7 Youth. Packing a Dual-Core Chip, 4100mAh battery and 1080p screen

In the recent months, Huawei has been really aggressive in introducing its devices as equal with the other flagships in the market to date, like iPhone 5, Samsung GALAXY S4, HTC One, etc. Meanwhile, in tablet game, this Chinese-based company also doesn't want to be left behind by rivals. After launching a several new line of tablets to the market, now Huawei is ready again to face the competition in this slate business with its newly-announced, Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth.

Huawei Announces MediaPad 7 Youth. Packing a Dual-Core Chip, 4100mAh battery and 1080p screenPreviously, we've already known that Huawei had the similar 7-inch tablet in the same family named Huawei MediaPad 7. However, the company promises that the new MediaPad 7 Youth will be so much better than predecessor and even other 7-inch rivals around the market to date.

As the name says, MediaPad 7 Youth is a 7-inch tablet. It's packing some great stuff in it, such as: full HD display sporting 1080p resolution, a 1.6GHz dual-core chip, Wi-Fi plus HSPA+ connectivity, a staggering 4100mAh battery, the capabilities of smartphones to make calls, send SMS and MMS messages and some other more.

The design itself is said to be using an aluminum metal unibody and it will be slightly heavier than Google Nexus 7 tablet. Meanwhile, in the software sector, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is expected to run on this device.

Unfortunately, as for now, the company is still tight-lipped about the RAM and the internal storage that this device will come with, as well as the price. The good news is, MediaPad 7 Youth is on its way to many markets in Russia, China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe throughout the Q3 of 2013.

So if you're eager to know the experience of having an Android tablet made by Huawei, then this one may be a pretty good choice for you. However, if you want to get so much better options than this Huawei creation, you can wait for the next gen Google Nexus 7 to launch anytime soon or Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets. They have much better hardware, display, software and possibly a better design.

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Apple Files New Patent to USPTO, Bringing Projector to the Future iOS Devices

In the past few months, Apple has been faced with many negative opinions from public who said that Apple had lost its mojo and its recent iOS devices were way behind rivals' products, in term of software, hardware and innovation. Well, that may be entirely true given that Apple iPhone is still using lower hardware specs compared to other Android contenders.

Apple Files New Patent to USPTO, Bringing Projector to the Future iOS DevicesHowever, that changed quite a bit after Apple being reported to throw a fingerprints sensor to the new flagship iPhone 5S. And apparently, that is not the only thing that you will see on the newest iOS devices as recently, USPTO just granted a new patent to Apple that covers a feature that will allow users to turn their iOS devices into a projector.

However, according to the source, Apple is not planning to launch this feature anytime soon on this year's iOS devices as the company is still having a major problem with the integration of fingerprint sensor to iPhone 5S production.

Anyway, the recent projector patent that Apple just received from the patent office is called "Projector Display Shared Workplaces", which obviously means that the projector-equipped iDevices will be intended to use by users when doing presentation either in the workplaces or other area filled with some people.

Not only that, with this patent, the newest iOS devices will be integrated with a small projector inside them that allows users to control their presentation by using some standard gestures. What makes this possible is because this feature will rely entirely on the built-in camera that will detect users' shadows and silhouettes at the projected areas. And thanks to that, users will be able to swap images on the presentation from one projected display to another one by making some gestures like swapping hand to the right or other directions.

Interestingly, before this concept idea and the patent was filled by Apple recently, there are actually some complement devices in the market right now that can turn your iPhone into a mini projector. So i believe the reason behind the decision of Apple to patent this feature is nothing but to prevent rivals like Samsung or Google to make the similar devices in the future.

So don't be surprised if we hear again the news about Apple suing other rivals for using projector on their devices without permission.

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Google Nexus 5 Officially Lands on Play Store

If there is a phone that will likely make many phone shoppers really really happy, then Google-newly-launched Nexus 5 is definitely one of them. The reason is simple. Having been equipped with many high-end powerful specs on it, Google Nexus 5 amazingly still inherits the affordable price tags of the predecessor, Nexus 4. Anyway, good news everyone, as the highly-anticipated Google Nexus 5 finally arrives safely on Google Play Store a couple of weeks ago.

As expected by many people, especially phone enthusiasts out there, Google LG Nexus 5 will be a high-end phone, equipped with high-end specs on it. To name a few, as Nexus 5 owners, you’ll get some sweet goodies like Snappy Snapdragon 800 processor accompanied by 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330, 1080p 5-inch screen and the latest Android build, Android 4.4 Kitkat.

First of all, let’s start with the screen sector. Just like the name of this phone, Google Nexus “5” will be armed with a 5-inch display sporting the resolution of 1080p or 1080x1920 pixels. And that means, everything that you throw on the screen will look clear, crisp, sharp and incredible. However, compared to other 1080p phones across the market to date, like the high-end Samsung GALAXY S4 or HTC One, the screen of Google Nexus 5 appears to be washed out when being pitted against those 2 flagships phones, similar just like what happened to Xperia Z which is a water and dust-proof phone. Even LG G2, the smartphone that is used by LG and Google to design Nexus 5, has much better display compared to the latest Nexus phone.

Next, let’s go to the performance sector of this phone. As we all know already, Google nexus 5 is armed with the latest mobile chipset from Qualcomm, a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon S800 processor, which undoubtedly will be a beast in term of performance. Accompanied with a behemoth 2GB of RAM and an Adreno 330 GPU, then Google Nexus 5 will definitely be one of the best performance smartphones around the market to date. Having known that, then you as the owner can throw any powerful games across the Google Play Store to this phone and play them in buttery smooth without any single lag whatsoever. That’s for sure. Not to mention, with 2GB of RAM, you’ll definitely have big room to store your recent apps and multitask them all at the same time.

One of the main selling points of Google Nexus 5 is absolutely its camera. Having been equipped with 8MP camera on the back plus the LED flash and OIS (optical image stabilization), then it’s no doubt that Google Nexus 5 will be a great photo snapper in low-light condition. And it turns out to be true actually, as according to many camera tests, Google Nexus 5’s camera proved can even beat the camera of iPhone 5S in many aspects, including in HDR mode. However, given that Nexus 5 is using the smaller optic of its big brother, LG G2, then don’t be surprised if the camera of LG G2 will blow Nexus 5’s camera out of the water.

Talking about software, Google Nexus 5 comes with Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box. This software build itself brings many upgrades and optimizations compared to the previous builds, like new phone call feature, more simplified app drawer without any unnecessary tabs anymore, new Google Now window on the left side and many more. Not to mention, this latest Android KitKat also has the same feature just like Moto X that lets users wake up this phone with a key phrase “OK Google”. However, on Google Nexus 5, that feature only works on the homescreen, not on the lock screen, while Moto X can do that on both homescreen and lockscreen.

Unfortunately, Google Nexus 5 will only be equipped with a 2300mAh battery that is irremovable. According to many reviewers across the net, the battery life of Nexus 5 can be inconsistent on many occasions. For example, at some point, this phone can last the whole day without recharging. However, on the other days, some users experience that they need to recharge their phones during the day even when not doing some heavy tasks. But hopefully, Google will address this issue on the next Android updates for this phone.

Well, if you’re more than interested to own this Google’s latest Nexus phone in the palm of your hand, then you should head over to Google Play Store as this phone is sold at $349 for the smallest 16GB model, while the bigger 32GB model can be had for $399. And that is just mind blowing given the fact that this phone has some high-end powerful specs like Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM, Adreno 330 and the most importantly, a great camera.

Google Nexus 5 reportedly has landed on many countries like US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, UK, Japan and Korea. Meanwhile, if you’re living somewhere in Europe, Central/South Americas, Asia, CIS and Middle East, you can get this at phone retailers near your town. Anyway, in the US, Google Nexus 5 will be offered on many places outside Google Play Store, like on Sprint, Amazon, Best Buy, Radioshack and T-Mobile. Unfortunately, if you’re a big fan of Verizon Wireless, this carrier will not be joining the game.

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Finally Here: a Monsterous Spec'd Smartphone with Fake Leather Texture Back

Usually, when the newer model of Samsung GALAXY Note series comes out, public and phone enthusiasts must bring their own napkin to wipe the drool in their mouth. And it’s no different when Samsung finally launches the latest edition of its iconic GALAXY Note 3 to the public at IFA event. This latest model of Note series still inherits some jaw dropping stuff just like the predecessors. However, this model is now much even better and cooler than the previous GALAXY Note models. I have the reasons to back up that argument.

Similar like when the previous Note 2 was launched a year ago, Samsung’s President and CEO, JK Shin introduced the highly-anticipated as-usual Samsung GALAXY Note 3 to the public eyes. To be exact, the launch of Note 3 actually happened a few months ago. And as expected by many predictions and rumors we’ve been hearing before, Samsung indeed upgrades the screen size of this Note 3 from 5.5-inches of last year’s model to 5.7-inch screen.

The good thing is, which we all here already know that, Samsung manages to increase the size of Note 3’s screen and reduce the bezels around the right and left sides(duh), meaning that the phone will still keep the size while maintaining to increase the screen size. Therefore, users won’t need to think about enlarging their pockets in order to prepare for this Note 3.

Anyway, talking about hardware specs of this phablet, then Samsung GALAXY Note 3 will absolutely be a beast in that sector. Just like the other flagship phones from Sony, LG or HTC, this Samsung GALAXY Note 3 will be armed with Qualcomm’s best beast Snappy Snapdragon 800 SoC, clocked at 1.9GHz, accompanied by Adreno 330 and a big fat 3GB of RAM, which is the biggest amount of RAM on any smartphone or tablet to date, or even some average netbook out there (lol!).

With that being said, then you as the proud owner of this device will be able to throw anything on this device, like 3D HD games with even the best highest performance graphics across the Google Play Store, or HD 1080p movies, and they all can be run perfectly and played without any lag whatsoever. And with the 3GB of RAM, you can just open multiple apps, many many apps, at the same time and still, the performance will be amazingly fast and freakin’ smooth. Too bad, its older brother, Samsung GALAXY Note 10 (the WiFi edition) doesn’t use Snapdragon 800 SoC, so the performance is not that great compared to Note 3.

Anyway, on the design sector, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 looks more superior compared to the previous models. As you can see, the back cover of this device is designed distinctively with some textured finish, making it look like leather-patterned surface. Interestingly, it even has that fake stitching around the whole side.

However, despite having a leather feel on the back, it’s still using the same usual plastic polycarbonate material. But it’s good that Samsung makes this brilliant move, ensuring that this company can have its own distinctive design for the future GALAXY line. Around the side of Samsung GALAXY Note 3, you can also find the similar fake metal trimming just like on the Samsung GALAXY S4, which gives a premium feel to this device.

Now we get to the most important part of this phablet, the screen. As we all know already from many rumors and speculations that have been around in phone community in the past few months, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 indeed is using a 5.7-inch screen, which is an upgrade from 5.5-inches of GALAXY Note 2 and 5.3-inches of GALAXY Note 1. The good thing is, Samsung doesn’t need to enlarge the size of Note 3 in order to expand the screen size. They can just reduce the side bezels on the left and right to maintain the size of this phablet or even reduce the size of this device. That’s just so cliche.

On the camera sector, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is packing a 13MP camera on the back with the ability to shoot HDR videos and HD photos. And the results are just mind blowing. It’s just no brainer to pick which between Note 3 or iPhone 5S that has the best camera. I actually already saw the 8MP OIS camera on Nexus 5 beat iPhone 5S’ camera, and that’s not the same 13MP camera of LG G2, which is far superior compared to Google Nexus 5’s camera. So you know what’s the conclusion of that.

Just like the previous 2 models of Note series, this time, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 still inherits the same exact S-Pen stylus that now brings more useful features to its users. To name of few, there is a feature called “Air Command” that allows you to choose 4 different commands to this stylus, which can be implemented to the device, like moving objects like pictures or contents from 1 window to other window when you’re chatting with your friends.

This stylus also lets you to do some certain things like doing screen shot by making square gesture on specific screen. Not to mention, with this Note 3, you can also do multi-window mode where you can open multiple apps on the screen at the same time, the similar feature found on other devices like LG G2, LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia Z Tablet and many more.

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 will be released in 2 storage models, 32GB and 64GB models with of course expandable external storage with microSD card. This phablet has just launched globally a few weeks ago so you can now find this device at any phone store near your town.

Motorola Officially Announces Moto G in Brazil: a $179 Smartphone with Decent Specs

Hi all of you phone shoppers or even phone geeks out there on the lovely planet called earth! Are you currently looking for an amazing and powerful smartphone with an awesome display, fast performance, great camera, the latest Android software, long lasting battery life and the most importantly, in affordable even cheap price, well, enter the Motorola’s latest smartphone, Moto G.

Recently, Motorola just officially unveiled its latest powerful smartphone called Moto G in Sao Paolo Brazil. As mentioned above, this phone is powerful in performance, camera, display, battery life and price tag. Can you imagine that with the price tag under $200, you can get a smartphone with 4.5-inch display, a quad-core processor from the great Qualcomm, a gig of RAM, 5MP camera on the back, great and highly-optimized Android software that guarantees long lasting battery life. Yeah, that’s right. Those are what you’re gonna get if you purchase this Moto G phone.

First of all, let’s start with the display sector of Moto G. According to Motorola, Moto G is armed with a 4.5-inch LCD screen with the resolution of 1280x720 pixels, which is equal to 720p screen, with pixel density of 219ppi. And that’s already pretty great for a smartphone under $200, right? Compared to iPhone 5S that only has a 4-inch screen with the resolution of 640x1136pixes or the so called “Retina display”. That’s just insane! I mean, with the price under $200, you can get a much better display than the iPhone 5S that is also 0.5-inch bigger than iPhone’s screen.

And the best thing about this is that, Moto G is a Motorola and Google phone, meaning that the cheap price tag will not compromise the whole quality and experience of this phone just like some other cheap Android phones out there. That’s just top notch for Google and Motorola.

Okay, after the screen, let’s move on to the most important part of this phone, the performance aspect. As mentioned by Motorola, Moto G will be equipped with Qualcomm’s homemade processor, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 clocked at 1.2GHz. And again, that’s just amazing for a cheap phone like this one. For your information, Qualcomm’s current mobile processor line are Snapdragon 800, which is the flagship one, and then Snapdragon 600, still a beast though, and the last one found on Moto G, Snapdragon 400.

They are just so powerful no matter which chip model that is armed on the device given that Qualcomm’s last year processor, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core can still be found on the current flagship devices, like Google Nexus 7 or Moto X, and this chipset is still screaming like crazy on those devices. With that being said, then Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor on Moto G is guaranteed a top notch performer.

And the greatest thing about this is that, you can get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 phone for just under $200. Think about it again dude! It’s just mind blowing. I believe that this chip will blow Mediatek cheap quad-core processor found on cheap devices like Asus MemoPad 7HD, which is kind of laggy when doing heavy gaming.

For the graphic performance, Moto G can still be considered as an amazing smartphone because it uses Adreno 305, which is still a beast though given that the highest end smartphones or tablets this year like Kindle Fire HDX, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, HTC One or Google Nexus 5 are still currently using Adreno 330. So the graphics processor inside the Moto G is still slightly as powerful as Adreno 330 found on those high-end devices. Again, this is just a huge plus point for a smartphone under $200.

For the memory sector, Motorola Moto G packs a 1GB of RAM on it, meaning that the whole performance of the phone will be smooth and fast even when multitasking many apps at one time. For your information, high-end devices like Kindle Fire HDX, Google Nexus 5, GALAXY S4, Xperia Z or HTC One are using 2GB of RAM, while GALAXY Note 3 is packing a behemoth 3GB of RAM. So in conclusion, 1GB of RAM on Moto G is already enough for an affordable smartphone.

Besides, GALAXY Note 3 has so many rich features from Samsung’s TouchWiz OS that are built specifically for the S-Pen stylus, so no wonder if this phablet will need that huge of RAM. Compared to Moto G, which is specifically designed by Google and Motorola to have a well-optimized simple stock Android software without any bloatware from manufacturers’ software that usually slow down the performance of the devices.

Okay, enough about the performance aspect of this phone. Next is the most important sector that actually becomes the main selling point of this Moto G, the battery life. According to Motorola, what makes Moto G so special compared to other smartphones around the market is that, Moto G has a really great battery life where users can use this phone even in heavy usage all day long without the needs to recharge the phone during the day.

The reason why Motorola could manage that goal is that, Moto G will come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (which will be upgraded to KitKat in January 2014) and it’s well-optimized by Google specifically for Moto G so this phone could last all day long. Well, that’s an outstanding achievement for Google and Motorola. Even though Moto G is only packing a 2050mAh battery, which sadly is non-removable, this phone is believed could last all day thanks to that software optimization by Google.

Moto G will have a 5MP camera on the back and 1.3MP camera on the front, compared to its big brother, Moto X, which comes with 10MP camera and 2MP camera on back and front respectively. The camera on Moto G will also have LED flash, 4x digital zoom, slow motion video, burst mode, auto HDR, panorama, tap-to-focus and more. For the camera UI, instead of using Google’s stock Android camera UI, Moto G will be using Moto X’s camera UI, which is simple and intuitive, where you can just tap anywhere on the screen to take pictures or double-tap to do burst mode.

Unfortunately, Moto G will not have the feature of Moto X which you can use to wake up the phone when it’s being locked with a key phrase “OK Google” on the lockscreen. However, when the Android 4.4 KitKat update arrives for this Moto G in January 2014, this phone will finally have that feature, although only on the homescreen, unlike the Moto X that has it on both homescreen and locked off-screen.

Okay, now we’ve come to the best part of this phone. Moto G will be sold for only $179 with 8GB internal storage. And with an extra $20 to $199, you will get the 16GB model of this phone. Well, that’s just magnificent, right? With only $179-$199, you’ll get a great powerful smartphone with a better display specs than iPhone 5S, great cameras, awesome performance, the latest Android software and long lasting battery life. It’s just no-brainer that Moto G is an affordable beast smartphone.

So if you have $199 in your pocket and you happen to want to buy smartphone, then Moto G is absolutely your best shot right now, not some cheap Android phones out there.

Touch Less Control Smartphone Moto X Officially Announced

Hi everyone, after waiting for so many many months and even a year with restlessness and uncertainty, now phone enthusiasts and geeks as well can start breathing again as the highly-anticipated smartphone from Google-bought, Motorola, is finally here to fulfill all the rumors and predictions in the past few months back. Yeah, that’s right, the one and only, Moto X has finally landed safely to this earth. And just like what has been predicted before, Moto X will be the first smartphone from both Google and Motorola.

Actually, Moto X has been launched a few months back, but since i’ve been so busy in the past few months to manage and rebuild this website all over again, then i don’t have so many time to write to this website.

So in the next few days, i will make a round-up of the releases of new smartphones and tablets that have just been launched in the past few months. First of all, let me begin with Motorola’s latest phone, Moto X.

As we all know already, Moto X will be the first smartphone as the result of the acquisition of Google and Motorola. Having know that, then it’ll be not so surprising if this phone will have the influences of both companies combined, Motorola with its well-known hardware, while Google will take care the software side of this phone. And as a result, Moto X turns out to be the smartphone that doesn’t disappoint at all, if not a mind-blowing.

As a recent flagship from Google and Motorola, it’s no doubt that many people will definitely have so many expectations to this phone. And when it comes to smartphone industry, the expectations will always have something to do with hardware specs. Unfortunately, as a flagship from those 2 giant companies, instead of having high-end specs just like its counterparts around the market to date, apparently Moto X will be marketed by Google and Motorola as a high-end phone with mid-end specs on it.

Okay, first of all, let’s talk about screen. Compared to its rivals in high-end market, like Samsung GALAXY S4 or HTC One, which most of them already adapt 1080p screen, surprisingly, Moto X will sport a 720p screen, which has screen size of 4.7-inches, compared to 5-inch screens on many of its counterparts.

Well, that’s obviously so confusing to many people given that Moto X has been predicted to have some monstrous specs on it, including 5-inch 1080p screen, which has started to become the industry standard in smartphone market these days. However, Moto X can still be considered as a high-end phone because iPhone 5S itself is still using a “Retina Display” 640x1136 pixel screen, which is at the same level as Moto X. Luckily, there are some parts of Moto X that will still amaze many phone geeks out there, like its camera, design, features and the software.

Moto X is equipped with a rear-facing 10MP Clear Pixel camera with the support of LED flash, as well as 2MP camera on the front side. So taking pictures or recording videos with this phone will certainly be satisfying for many of its owners. And the good thing about the camera of this phone is that, you can take photos relatively fast with Moto X’s camera. There is also a great feature on this phone which allows users to shake the phone in order to open the camera app when the phone is being locked. You can also take photos in burst mode by tapping the screen on camera user interface twice and the phone will get the job done.

On the design sector, Moto X is a brilliant looking phone. As we already saw earlier in the hands of Google Eric Schmidt’s hands, the back cover of Moto X has rounded surface with the different material that Motorola has been using on its Droid line, Kevlar. Instead, Moto X will be designed by using materials that can be chosen manually by its owners through Moto Maker website, which i’m gonna explain that later.

Moto X is armed with a tweaked version of Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC that Motorola calls it as X8 processor. This X8 is actually not the name of Moto X’s chipset, but Motorola calls it as mobile computing system that consists some chips on it. One of the main functions of this new mobile system is the ability of Moto X to handle some certain tasks without sacrificing the energy or battery life of the phone.

Therefore, there will be different tasks that are given to each chip on this X8 mobile processor, which brings us to one special feature on this Moto X that you probably never see it on other Android devices around the market, at least for now. And that is the feature that allows users to wake up this phone when being locked and launch the Google Now service with a key phrase “OK Google”. This feature actually has been added to Google-newly-release Nexus 5, but it only works on the homescreen, while on Moto X, this feature can work on either homescreen or when the phone is still locked.

Moto X will be equipped with 2300mAh battery, which kind of disappoints many phone enthusiasts out there who expect to see the similar amount of 3300mAh battery just like on Motorola’s flagships, Droid RAZR MAXX and MAXX HD. However, given that Google is the one who handles the software side of Moto X, then it will certainly do many tweaks in order to make Moto X a long lasting device.

Anyway, just like i mentioned above, Moto X can be designed manually by its owners through Moto Maker website. Well, if you just got out from a cave, Moto Maker website is a website that has been prepared specifically for Moto X that allows people to customize the phone according to their preferences. So on Moto Maker, there will many options of colors and even materials that people can choose from to modify the design of this phone, from pattern, color accent, rear casing’s color, startup greeting and even physical etching.

Moto X will be released in 2 different storage models, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. However, this phone will be launched at first as AT&T’s exclusive phone for a while (but now it’s not an AT&T’s exclusive phone anymore). So if you’re eager to own this phone so bad since long time ago, then you must visit Moto Maker website to start ordering your phone.

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