Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge Announced: More Improved Designs and Hardware

Compared to the previous gen models, Samsung GALAXY S5 was definitely considered as a big failure for Samsung given that this flagship smartphone didn’t meet company’s high expectation, especially because it’s been Samsung’s best selling smartphone across the globe. Despite having IP58 certification, this smartphone unfortunately is not strong enough to survive in the fierce competition around the smartphone market.

However, the successor of that smartphone finally arrives this year. But it’s not just one, but 2 new successors will be ready to bring Samsung to the top level again alongside Apple. And they are Samsung GALAXY S6 and Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge. Last year, Samsung actually already had the S5 Edge available to buy across the market. However, this dual-edge-display smartphone was not released at the same time as Samsung GALAXY S5.

Anyway, talking about improvements, of course there will be improvements made by Samsung on these 2 new-gen devices. But the most prominent improvement seen on Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge compared to predecessors is definitely their designs. After getting a lot of feedback to improve the designs of its smartphones, now Samsung finally manages to do things right this time with these 2 new smartphones, especially Samsung GALAXY S6.

Unlike the predecessors that usually use plastic polycarbonate materials all over the place, now Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge are made out of the glass materials (Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel), which are really solid, extremely durable and deserve to fight head-to-head against iPhone 6. According to what i’ve already seen on drop tests across YouTube and some tech sites, these 2 devices amazingly are really tough even in some extreme drop tests.

Meanwhile, Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge is no different. Just like its predecessor, this new-gen device still overs the dual-edge screen which enables users to do some great things like opening contacts from the left edge of the screen, seeing new notifications or setting app shortcuts. The other awesome thing found on this dual-edge screen is its ability to show different colors of light everytime someone is calling. But this feature will only occur if the phone’s screen faces down to the table.

Speaking of hardware, there are new upgrades made by Samsung over these 2 smartphones. Samsung GALAXY S6 now comes with the new Exynos 7420 octa-core processor clocked at 2.1GHz, accompanied with Mali T760 MP8 and 3GB of RAM. On the back, there’s a new more improved 16MP rear-facing camera which according to theVerge and PhoneArena is a really beast camera and even the best on the market right now. However, there’s no microSD card slot anymore on these 2 devices, as well as removable battery. Not to mention, there’s no IP58 certification anymore just like the predecessor. The good thing is, Samsung releases the 64 and 128GB models if you feel that 32GB of internal storage is not enough to keep all of your goodies.

Both Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge now comes pre-installed with the new Android 5.0.2 Lollipop out of the box. Impressively, Samsung decides to strip off most of the gimmicky features on the previous TouchWiz UI and bring the much lighter OS to the users. This of course will improve a lot of things to these 2 devices, like performance and the most importantly, battery life.

Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge will be available all across the globe and they can be had in varied different colors, from White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Green Emerald. So pick the one you like, and you’re good to go.

Amazon Announces the New Refreshed Fire HDX 8.9: Bringing Snapdragon 805 and Adreno 420

As always, to welcome this holiday season waiting ahead of us, Amazon has prepared some newer generation models of its pride tablet, Kindle Fire series. This brand new tablet is now called as Amazon Fire HDX series. Actually, there are some new devices in Amazon's this year lineup, but the most prominent model is definitely the new refreshed 8.9-inch Fire HDX. All of this new tablets are now carrying the new "Amazon Fire HDX series" (instead of last year's Kindle Fire HDX series). The 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX, however, is left untouched by Amazon in terms of spec sheet but it'll still be available this holiday season.

First of all, let’s start with the flagship model from all of them, Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. Amazingly, similar like the other flagship phones across the market to date, this Amazon Fire HDX model comes with more powerful hardware package. From the Qualcomm’s Snappy Snapdragon 805, 3GB of RAM and Adreno 420 GPU, meaning that all the games across the Amazon App Store can be run perfectly without any lag whatsoever. In fact this Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is one of the best gaming tablet on the market right now, of course, in terms of performance.

And if you love watching movies, then Amazon Fire HDX is absolutely the right tablet for you. Sporting the 8.9-inch screen with 2560x1600 pixel resolution, which is higher than even the iPad Air’s screen resolution and equal to last year’s Google Nexus 10 tablet, everything on the screen looks really clear and sharp. Amazingly, screen tests already proved that the screen of Kindle Fire HDX looks much better than iPad Air. Well, that’s so impressive though given that Amazon Kindle Fire series has always been the underdog compared to iPad.

Just like last year's model, this Kindle Fire HDX still comes with the same 8MP rear-facing camera with LED flash. So you'll be able to capture your special moments with this tablet. This, however, contradicts with the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX that is still not equipped with a rear-facing camera.

Okay, now let’s move on to the second model, the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX. First of all, this model is not updated by Amazon this year so yeah, it still carries the same 1920x1200 pixel resolution screen. However, this resolution is already enough to satisfy you as the owner. Besides, 1920x1200 pixel screen is 1080p screen, so it means, this resolution is the current industry standard of smartphone screen. And that already looks clear and shaper for human eyes.

Overall, the hardware of Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch are considered as powerful for today's standards. So you can play any 3D high performance games across the Amazon App Store or watch HD movies on this tablet without having any lag, again, whatsoever.

The 8.9-inch and 7-inch models of Kindle Fire HDX can be bought with or without Amazon’s “Special Offers” advertisements, with or without LTE connectivity from Verizon or AT&T. You can pick from the smallest 16GB model, 32GB or 64GB model, of course with NO support of microSD card slot.

The 8.9-inch model can be bought for $379, while the 7-inch can be had for $229, the same price as Google Nexus 7. However, if you’re currently not in great shape financially, you can choose the cheapest model, which is the new Amazon Fire HD 6 and Amazon Fire HD 7 that both share the same 1280x800 pixel resolution but different screen sizes (duh!). They can be had for around $139 and $180 for the biggest 7-inch variant.

Does Archos Want to Mess with Apple With its Cheapest Tablet PC Titanium 70, 80, 97 and 101?

At the recent CES 2013 that was held in Vegas few days ago, there is no doubt that this event was the place where most of the people’s attention was fully concentrated on the battle of chip manufacturers between NVIDIA, Qualcomm and of course, Samsung with its mind-blowing 8-core Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor. So this event actually looked more like chip convention than general tech event, although Sony Mobile with its Xperia Z did steal some of thunder there.

Does Archos Want to Mess with Apple With its Cheapest Tablet PC Titanium 70, 80, 97 and 101?
Cheapest Tablet PC Archos Titanium
However, in the middle of the crowd that were mostly excited with the latest announcements of those chip makers above, there was one company named Archos, which you are already familiar with in Android world, that had some new cool stuff going on at their booth.

And they are the 4 new cheapest tablet PCs under the family member of Archos Titanium that I believe are worth checking out

, especially if you are an Android tablet enthusiast.

Recently, Archos just announced 4 of its new Titanium cheapest tablet PCs called Archos Titanium 70

, Archos Titanium 80, Archos Titanium 97 and last but not least, Archos Titanium 101.

Does Archos Want to Mess with Apple With its Cheapest Tablet PC Titanium 70, 80, 97 and 101?
Cheapest Tablet PC Archos Titanium 70, 80, 97 and 101
And as you might expect, the brand names of those cheapest tablet PCs from Archos, which are Archos Titanium 70, 80, 97 and 101 obviously are related to the screen size that each tablet will adopt.

Yeah, that’s right. 100 points for you!

Archos Titanium 70 is a 7-inch tablet deploying IPS LCD display on the front side and if we look at the whole design of this tablet, then many of you will absolutely think how this device looks really similar with iPad, right?

Well, unfortunately yeah, that’s true, Archos Titanium line looks exactly the same with white-flavored iPad.

But anyway, this tablet has been armed with 1.6GHz dual-core A9 processor with Mali-400 GPU handling the graphics department and 1GB of RAM providing the convenient in multitasking job.

And talking about the software, Archos Titanium 70 luckily, comes with Android 4.1 out of the box, which is pretty cool and not so surprising given that most of the new Android tablets, especially the ones that are launched in 2013, must already have that Android Jelly Bean if it wants to compete equally with the newest tablets around the market.

Besides Archos Titanium 70, the company also revealed the other models with much bigger screen sizes, from Archos Titanium 80, Archos Titanium 97 and Archos Titanium 101.

Among all of these new kids on the block, the one with 9.7-inch screen apparently is the one that really stands out and gets the special treatment from the maker. In fact, on Archos official website, you can only find the dedicated page for Archos 97 Titanium HD.

And if you try to search the other 3 models on that site, it will land you to the result page that reads “No product matches. Try searching for another ARCHOS product”, which I think is a quite annoying because the other 3 models, for me, are still really worth checking out.

I just don’t understand why Archos decides to not making the dedicated pages for the other 3 variants on its website. Hopefully, they will soon roll out the pages for the rest Titanium models.

Anyway, unlike the other 3 models, Archos 97 Titanium HD comes with staggering screen resolution of 2048x1536 pixels that offers an HD quality to the users. And that screen resolution is already mind-boggling around the tablet market to date.

As a matter of fact, it is the iPad 4’s resolution.

To make comparisons, Archos 97 Titanium HD’s screen resolution is the same with iPad 4, as well as their screen size, with the same pixel density of 264ppi.

However, when this tablet is rivaled with Google-Samsung Nexus 10 tablet, then the screen resolution of Archos 97 tablet is a bit lower than the Nexus tablet, which has 2560x1600 pixel resolution.

But it’s worth noting that Google Nexus 10 is using 10.1-inch screen, while Archos 97 is a 9.7-inch tablet. So there is some adjustment on the screen resolution and size between each of these tablets.

Interestingly, at CES 2013, some of Archos’ staff at its booth camp that are assigned to explain to the attendees about the products, apparently gave some mixed information regarding the specs of Archos Titanium tablets.

In the videos that are uploaded on YouTube by multiple reports, one of the staff said that Archos 80 Titanium tablet is equipped with quad-core CPU, 8-core GPU and 2GB of RAM, whereas on some other reports, all Archos Titanium tablets will come with 1.6GHz dual-core A9 CPU, quad-core GPU and only 1GB of RAM.

I’m actually a bit confused about which one I want to believe.

But according to Archos, its Titanium line will have quad-core CPU, 8-core GPU and 2GB of RAM. So it’s your call which one do you want to trust. But if you’re still not really sure, you can watch it on the YouTube video below.

Anyway, something that becomes the highlight of these Archos Titanium series tablets is the design that really resembles with the iPad. As a matter of fact, they all look really similar with iPad, the white one.

I just hope that Archos has already prepared itself just in case Apple has a plan to exaggerate this issue in the future and invite Archos to the court.

However, considering that Archos is currently not a big player in Android tablet market, let alone the whole tablet market, then I don’t think Apple wants to bother itself to squeeze Archos’ tiny bank account.

It like squeezing on the wrong cow if Apple tries to sue Archos over these Titanium tablets, whereas Apple can get much bigger money from a big dog, Samsung.

But things might be different if one day, Archos becomes a big player in tablet market. Archos definitely needs to hire the best ever lawyer out there because Apple is more than happier to bring this case to the court.

Anyway, one of the great things about Archos Titanium tablets, besides its great design and powerful specs, is that Archos generously decides to price its Titanium tablets at really low price tags. As a matter of fact, their price tags are insanely cheap for great build tablets like these.
  1. The price is starting at just $119 for the smaller 7-inch Archos 70 Titanium model
  2. And then, Archos 80 Titanium costs only $169 (169 euro)
  3.  Archos 101 Titanium is priced at $199 (199 euro)
  4. and the best model in this series, Archos 97 Titanium HD can be bought for just $249 (249 euro), considering that the 9.7-inch model comes with much better specs among all 3 other models, especially the HD screen.
According to Archos, these Archos Titanium tablets are set to arrive anytime soon in March.

So if you’re really excited to get one of these great tablets, or maybe all of them, then be sure to prepare the budget when they finally launch to the market.

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Protect Your Smartphone Today With Cell Phone Case

In the past few years, the use of smartphone has become really rampant especially in the modern world filled with active and productive people. Now a lot of people use smartphones to accompany them in their busy activities every single day.

Thanks to this revolutionary device, now people can check out the current weather of their location or last night’s scoreline of their favorite soccer team, browse the web, update news every morning, read digital books/magazines, watch movies/TV shows, listen to music, play games or even edit videos or Office documents by using their smartphones.

Cell Phone Case

However, the awesomeness of having a smartphone is not just about being able to watch movies, play games, listen to music, browse the web or any other aforementioned above. There are so many other cool things that you can do with your smartphone. You use some third party stylus on your smartphone, you can buy the rubber bumper to protect your smartphone’s display, or the best of all, you can personalize the look of your smartphone by using cell phone case.

There are many places around the net or even at the local stores near your town that sell cell phone cases. However, if you’re currently having problem to find any place that offers great and attractive cell phone cases that would look so great on your smartphone, i have one recommendation for you. It's called SimplyMonogram. I actually just stumbled upon this site yesterday, while i was reading news on my favorite tech sites.

For some of you here, you probably never heard about SimplyMonogram. SimplyMonogram is actually a website that sells wide range of awesome cell phone cases for any kind of smartphones. But the reason that makes me interested to show you this website is because SimplyMonogram has some cases that – for me personally - look so awesome and attractive especially for those of you who are in the search for some stylish looking cases for your smartphone.

On SimplyMonogram, you can find a lot of cases for many models of smartphones. If you currently own Samsung GALAXY phone or iPhone, this website has got you covered. There are many cases that you might find attractive and could fit with your own preference.

To be perfectly honest, compared to other cell phone cases i’ve seen around the net or around the mobile phone accessory stores in my town, i think what SimplyMonogram has in store look more stylish and can be suitable for many different type of users – from teenagers, professional-career people at the office, adults or even kids.

The other thing that makes SimplyMonogram’s cell phone cases so great is because, according to many testimonials from its consumers, these cases are so comfortable to use and hold in their hands. Not to mention, using this case also makes them feel much more secure when using their smartphone, which is really important because without any protection, your smartphone is prone to damage when it slips from your hand and hits the solid ground.

Well, if you’re really interested to get one of these attractive and awesome cases for your smartphone, then you might want to check out this website.

ZTE Announces Six New Smartphones and Four New 3G Datacards

Apparently, ZTE still wants to continue to grow its presence in India smartphone market as this company is set to launch not just one smartphone or 2, but 6 new devices running on Android will be ready to market anytime soon in India market. The highest model from all of these 6 ZTE new phones is called ZTE Grand X, which will be price-tagged at Rs14,999 and if you happen to live in India, you can get this phone anytime soon in the coming days.

ZTE Announces Six New Smartphones and Four New 3G DatacardsAs a flagship model of ZTE new smartphone line, ZTE Grand X brings all the great quality goodies to the tablet. From a 1.2GHz quad-core processor accompanied by 1GB of RAM, making sure that the performance of this phone will be fast enough even when running multiple apps at the same time. In the camera sector, the owner of this phone will get a mid-range 5MP rear-facing camera to accommodate the hobby of photography.

And if you also like playing games in the long run, then you don't need to worry as ZTE Grand X has been armed with a wide 5-inch 540x960 display plus a huge 2500mAh battery on its back, meaning that playing hardcore games, watching movies or browsing the net will be so relaxing, thanks to its wide screen and long battery life.

ZTE Announces Six New Smartphones Grand X and Four New 3G Datacards

This phone also comes with some standard features like Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless charging. The software also gets a good treatment as ZTE Grand X will come with Android 4.2 pre-installed, which is not too far away with the latest Android build, 4.3.

Meanwhile, the other 5 ZTE smartphones will also come with great features and specs depend on the price, with price tags starting from Rs5,000 to Rs15,000. They are:
  1. ZTE Blade G2, which is priced at Rs11,599.
  2. ZTE Blade C, which is priced at Rs7,599.
  3. ZTE Blade L, which is priced at Rs12,599.
  4. ZTE Kis Flex, which is priced at Rs5,799.
  5. ZTE Blade E, which is priced at Rs11,999.
Anyway, besides launching 6 new smartphones, ZTE is also planning to market its four 3G datacards in India, ranging between Rs1500 to Rs2500 that according to ZTE, can provide various sppeds and features to users.
Meanwhile, when asked about the market that ZTE wants to target with its 3G datacards, the Vice President of ZTE india, Yuan Kang, quoted as saying:
"There is a USD 350 million opportunity right now (smartphone and data card market), which is expected to grow to USD one billion in 3-4 years. We definitely want to tap this market,".
So hopefully, with these new launches, ZTE can grab more markets and sales in India and become another top smartphone maker at least in emerging markets like in India or China. But most importantly, they will always put quality over quantity in making their products in the future.

New Affordable 5-inch Smartphone Called ZTE U887 Will Land in China

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Storage Benefits Of Cloud Computing

For a few years now, cloud computing has been a hot topic in technology news. As more and more people have come to understand the cloud, cloud storage has been implemented more broadly across various businesses, and even in schools. More recently, however, cloud storage has become useful on an individual basis, with many realizing the various benefits.

Storage Benefits Of Cloud ComputingAvailable from a list of different providers that range from major tech companies like Google and Apple, to emerging niche companies like ShareFile, cloud computing can work wonders for individual storage needs and convenience. Here are a few specific examples of just how cloud computing can help you to organize your digital files.

Transfer Files With Ease

Perhaps the main benefit of using cloud storage in your personal life is that you'll rid yourself of the need to transfer files through physical means (like USB devices, CDs, or even connection cords). With the cloud in place on your various devices, you can sync files from one device to another entirely through the cloud, without ever connecting anything. For example, you can take a photo on your smart phone and download it on your computer for an album!

Save Storage Space

The ability to transfer files so easily, and to store files on the cloud, also means that cloud computing helps you to conserve storage space. If, for example, you don't want to take up memory on a computer or phone with excessive photo files, you can simply store them in the cloud until you have specific need of them. Of course, your cloud itself will have limited storage space, but it's a convenient second option.

Sync Music Easily

One of the most common individual uses for cloud computing these days - for the average user - is simply in syncing music. It's always frustrating to download a new song on one device and then not be able to access the song from another. With cloud computing, you can do away with this issue completely, and download the same song onto all of your devices. The same is true for other types of files.

Edit Files Conveniently

Finally, you can also take advantage of your cloud network to edit and work on document files. This is particularly useful for students and professionals who find themselves working from a variety of different devices at different times. With a document saved to the cloud - rather than to a computer - you can access it from any device, giving you the flexibility to make edits and continue your work whenever you wish.

Apple Files New Patent to USPTO, Bringing Projector to the Future iOS Devices

In the past few months, Apple has been faced with many negative opinions from public who said that Apple had lost its mojo and its recent iOS devices were way behind rivals' products, in term of software, hardware and innovation. Well, that may be entirely true given that Apple iPhone is still using lower hardware specs compared to other Android contenders.

Apple Files New Patent to USPTO, Bringing Projector to the Future iOS DevicesHowever, that changed quite a bit after Apple being reported to throw a fingerprints sensor to the new flagship iPhone 5S. And apparently, that is not the only thing that you will see on the newest iOS devices as recently, USPTO just granted a new patent to Apple that covers a feature that will allow users to turn their iOS devices into a projector.

However, according to the source, Apple is not planning to launch this feature anytime soon on this year's iOS devices as the company is still having a major problem with the integration of fingerprint sensor to iPhone 5S production. As a matter of fact, Apple is still having many troubles with iPad Air and iPad mini 2 with Retina Display, which both haven't been equipped with fingerprint scanner.

Anyway, the recent projector patent that Apple just received from the patent office is called "Projector Display Shared Workplaces", which obviously means that the projector-equipped iDevices will be intended to use by users when doing presentation either in the workplaces or other area filled with some people.

Not only that, with this patent, the newest iOS devices will be integrated with a small projector inside them that allows users to control their presentation by using some standard gestures. What makes this possible is because this feature will rely entirely on the built-in camera that will detect users' shadows and silhouettes at the projected areas. And thanks to that, users will be able to swap images on the presentation from one projected display to another one by making some gestures like swapping hand to the right or other directions.

Interestingly, before this concept idea and the patent was filled by Apple recently, there are actually some complement devices in the market right now that can turn your iPhone into a mini projector. So i believe the reason behind the decision of Apple to patent this feature is nothing but to prevent rivals like Samsung or Google to make the similar devices in the future.

So don't be surprised if we hear again the news about Apple suing other rivals for using projector on their devices without permission.

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Motorola Officially Announces Moto G in Brazil: a $179 Smartphone with Decent Specs

Hi all of you phone shoppers or even phone geeks out there on the lovely planet called earth! Are you currently looking for an amazing and powerful smartphone with an awesome display, fast performance, great camera, the latest Android software, long lasting battery life and the most importantly, in affordable even cheap price, well, enter the Motorola’s latest smartphone, Moto G.

Recently, Motorola just officially unveiled its latest powerful smartphone called Moto G in Sao Paolo Brazil. As mentioned above, this phone is powerful in performance, camera, display, battery life and price tag. Can you imagine that with the price tag under $200, you can get a smartphone with 4.5-inch display, a quad-core processor from the great Qualcomm, a gig of RAM, 5MP camera on the back, great and highly-optimized Android software that guarantees long lasting battery life. Yeah, that’s right. Those are what you’re gonna get if you purchase this Moto G phone.

First of all, let’s start with the display sector of Moto G. According to Motorola, Moto G is armed with a 4.5-inch LCD screen with the resolution of 1280x720 pixels, which is equal to 720p screen, with pixel density of 219ppi. And that’s already pretty great for a smartphone under $200, right? Compared to iPhone 5S that only has a 4-inch screen with the resolution of 640x1136pixes or the so called “Retina display”. That’s just insane! I mean, with the price under $200, you can get a much better display than the iPhone 5S that is also 0.5-inch bigger than iPhone’s screen.

And the best thing about this is that, Moto G is a Motorola and Google phone, meaning that the cheap price tag will not compromise the whole quality and experience of this phone just like some other cheap Android phones out there. That’s just top notch for Google and Motorola.

Okay, after the screen, let’s move on to the most important part of this phone, the performance aspect. As mentioned by Motorola, Moto G will be equipped with Qualcomm’s homemade processor, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 clocked at 1.2GHz. And again, that’s just amazing for a cheap phone like this one. For your information, Qualcomm’s current mobile processor line are Snapdragon 800, which is the flagship one, and then Snapdragon 600, still a beast though, and the last one found on Moto G, Snapdragon 400.

They are just so powerful no matter which chip model that is armed on the device given that Qualcomm’s last year processor, Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core can still be found on the current flagship devices, like Google Nexus 7 or Moto X, and this chipset is still screaming like crazy on those devices. With that being said, then Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor on Moto G is guaranteed a top notch performer.

And the greatest thing about this is that, you can get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 phone for just under $200. Think about it again dude! It’s just mind blowing. I believe that this chip will blow Mediatek cheap quad-core processor found on cheap devices like Asus MemoPad 7HD, which is kind of laggy when doing heavy gaming.

For the graphic performance, Moto G can still be considered as an amazing smartphone because it uses Adreno 305, which is still a beast though given that the highest end smartphones or tablets this year like Kindle Fire HDX, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, HTC One or Google Nexus 5 are still currently using Adreno 330. So the graphics processor inside the Moto G is still slightly as powerful as Adreno 330 found on those high-end devices. Again, this is just a huge plus point for a smartphone under $200.

For the memory sector, Motorola Moto G packs a 1GB of RAM on it, meaning that the whole performance of the phone will be smooth and fast even when multitasking many apps at one time. For your information, high-end devices like Kindle Fire HDX, Google Nexus 5, GALAXY S4, Xperia Z or HTC One are using 2GB of RAM, while GALAXY Note 3 is packing a behemoth 3GB of RAM. So in conclusion, 1GB of RAM on Moto G is already enough for an affordable smartphone.

Besides, GALAXY Note 3 has so many rich features from Samsung’s TouchWiz OS that are built specifically for the S-Pen stylus, so no wonder if this phablet will need that huge of RAM. Compared to Moto G, which is specifically designed by Google and Motorola to have a well-optimized simple stock Android software without any bloatware from manufacturers’ software that usually slow down the performance of the devices.

Okay, enough about the performance aspect of this phone. Next is the most important sector that actually becomes the main selling point of this Moto G, the battery life. According to Motorola, what makes Moto G so special compared to other smartphones around the market is that, Moto G has a really great battery life where users can use this phone even in heavy usage all day long without the needs to recharge the phone during the day.

The reason why Motorola could manage that goal is that, Moto G will come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (which will be upgraded to KitKat in January 2014) and it’s well-optimized by Google specifically for Moto G so this phone could last all day long. Well, that’s an outstanding achievement for Google and Motorola. Even though Moto G is only packing a 2050mAh battery, which sadly is non-removable, this phone is believed could last all day thanks to that software optimization by Google.

Moto G will have a 5MP camera on the back and 1.3MP camera on the front, compared to its big brother, Moto X, which comes with 10MP camera and 2MP camera on back and front respectively. The camera on Moto G will also have LED flash, 4x digital zoom, slow motion video, burst mode, auto HDR, panorama, tap-to-focus and more. For the camera UI, instead of using Google’s stock Android camera UI, Moto G will be using Moto X’s camera UI, which is simple and intuitive, where you can just tap anywhere on the screen to take pictures or double-tap to do burst mode.

Unfortunately, Moto G will not have the feature of Moto X which you can use to wake up the phone when it’s being locked with a key phrase “OK Google” on the lockscreen. However, when the Android 4.4 KitKat update arrives for this Moto G in January 2014, this phone will finally have that feature, although only on the homescreen, unlike the Moto X that has it on both homescreen and locked off-screen.

Okay, now we’ve come to the best part of this phone. Moto G will be sold for only $179 with 8GB internal storage. And with an extra $20 to $199, you will get the 16GB model of this phone. Well, that’s just magnificent, right? With only $179-$199, you’ll get a great powerful smartphone with a better display specs than iPhone 5S, great cameras, awesome performance, the latest Android software and long lasting battery life. It’s just no-brainer that Moto G is an affordable beast smartphone.

So if you have $199 in your pocket and you happen to want to buy smartphone, then Moto G is absolutely your best shot right now, not some cheap Android phones out there.

Touch Less Control Smartphone Moto X Officially Announced

Hi everyone, after waiting for so many many months and even a year with restlessness and uncertainty, now phone enthusiasts and geeks as well can start breathing again as the highly-anticipated smartphone from Google-bought, Motorola, is finally here to fulfill all the rumors and predictions in the past few months back. Yeah, that’s right, the one and only, Moto X has finally landed safely to this earth. And just like what has been predicted before, Moto X will be the first smartphone from both Google and Motorola.

Actually, Moto X has been launched a few months back, but since i’ve been so busy in the past few months to manage and rebuild this website all over again, then i don’t have so many time to write to this website.

So in the next few days, i will make a round-up of the releases of new smartphones and tablets that have just been launched in the past few months. First of all, let me begin with Motorola’s latest phone, Moto X.

As we all know already, Moto X will be the first smartphone as the result of the acquisition of Google and Motorola. Having know that, then it’ll be not so surprising if this phone will have the influences of both companies combined, Motorola with its well-known hardware, while Google will take care the software side of this phone. And as a result, Moto X turns out to be the smartphone that doesn’t disappoint at all, if not a mind-blowing.

As a recent flagship from Google and Motorola, it’s no doubt that many people will definitely have so many expectations to this phone. And when it comes to smartphone industry, the expectations will always have something to do with hardware specs. Unfortunately, as a flagship from those 2 giant companies, instead of having high-end specs just like its counterparts around the market to date, apparently Moto X will be marketed by Google and Motorola as a high-end phone with mid-end specs on it.

Okay, first of all, let’s talk about screen. Compared to its rivals in high-end market, like Samsung GALAXY S4 or HTC One, which most of them already adapt 1080p screen, surprisingly, Moto X will sport a 720p screen, which has screen size of 4.7-inches, compared to 5-inch screens on many of its counterparts.

Well, that’s obviously so confusing to many people given that Moto X has been predicted to have some monstrous specs on it, including 5-inch 1080p screen, which has started to become the industry standard in smartphone market these days. However, Moto X can still be considered as a high-end phone because iPhone 5S itself is still using a “Retina Display” 640x1136 pixel screen, which is at the same level as Moto X. Luckily, there are some parts of Moto X that will still amaze many phone geeks out there, like its camera, design, features and the software.

Moto X is equipped with a rear-facing 10MP Clear Pixel camera with the support of LED flash, as well as 2MP camera on the front side. So taking pictures or recording videos with this phone will certainly be satisfying for many of its owners. And the good thing about the camera of this phone is that, you can take photos relatively fast with Moto X’s camera. There is also a great feature on this phone which allows users to shake the phone in order to open the camera app when the phone is being locked. You can also take photos in burst mode by tapping the screen on camera user interface twice and the phone will get the job done.

On the design sector, Moto X is a brilliant looking phone. As we already saw earlier in the hands of Google Eric Schmidt’s hands, the back cover of Moto X has rounded surface with the different material that Motorola has been using on its Droid line, Kevlar. Instead, Moto X will be designed by using materials that can be chosen manually by its owners through Moto Maker website, which i’m gonna explain that later.

Moto X is armed with a tweaked version of Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC that Motorola calls it as X8 processor. This X8 is actually not the name of Moto X’s chipset, but Motorola calls it as mobile computing system that consists some chips on it. One of the main functions of this new mobile system is the ability of Moto X to handle some certain tasks without sacrificing the energy or battery life of the phone.

Therefore, there will be different tasks that are given to each chip on this X8 mobile processor, which brings us to one special feature on this Moto X that you probably never see it on other Android devices around the market, at least for now. And that is the feature that allows users to wake up this phone when being locked and launch the Google Now service with a key phrase “OK Google”. This feature actually has been added to Google-newly-release Nexus 5, but it only works on the homescreen, while on Moto X, this feature can work on either homescreen or when the phone is still locked.

Moto X will be equipped with 2300mAh battery, which kind of disappoints many phone enthusiasts out there who expect to see the similar amount of 3300mAh battery just like on Motorola’s flagships, Droid RAZR MAXX and MAXX HD. However, given that Google is the one who handles the software side of Moto X, then it will certainly do many tweaks in order to make Moto X a long lasting device.

Anyway, just like i mentioned above, Moto X can be designed manually by its owners through Moto Maker website. Well, if you just got out from a cave, Moto Maker website is a website that has been prepared specifically for Moto X that allows people to customize the phone according to their preferences. So on Moto Maker, there will many options of colors and even materials that people can choose from to modify the design of this phone, from pattern, color accent, rear casing’s color, startup greeting and even physical etching.

Moto X will be released in 2 different storage models, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. However, this phone will be launched at first as AT&T’s exclusive phone for a while (but now it’s not an AT&T’s exclusive phone anymore). So if you’re eager to own this phone so bad since long time ago, then you must visit Moto Maker website to start ordering your phone.

Apple iPad Air and iPad mini 2 Retina Display Finally Launched

Yeah, the most awaited iPads are finally here. The brand new iPad 5 which now is called as iPad Air and the mini version of regular iPad, iPad mini 2 just finally launched to the market a while ago. As expected by many people, these new iPads bring many new stuff that fulfill many predictions and rumors that have been around in the past few months ago. First of all, let’s start with the new iPad Air.

iPad Air or the fifth generation iPad is now getting thinner and thinner than before. In just 7.5 mm thin, this new iPad is now really slimmer and lighter compared to the previous model, iPad 4. That’s the reason why Apple calls this iPad as iPad Air, adding the new member for the Air family after Macbook Air. Amazingly, this new iPad Air only weighs around 1 pound, making it really light to carry on with one hand, despite having a big 9.7-inch screen size compared to iPad mini’s 7.9-inch screen.

The new iPad Air will be available in 2 different models, Space Gray and Black. And just like what already happened with the previous models, this iPad Air will also be getting the new chipset, A7 processor, accompanied by M7 coprocessor. This chipset is actually the same one found on the latest iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 Retina Display, meaning that it is a 64-bit chip that Apple always brags about.

It’s also good to hear that now the new iPad Air, along with iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 will be armed with 1GB of RAM. So you can open many apps at the same time without sacrificing the performance of these devices. And as for the GPU sector of this device, Apple has included the powerful PowerVR G6430, which is the same one powering the other current iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2. So gaming without a doubt will look insanely amazing on these devices.

The screen of iPad Air will remain the same just like the one on the previous iPad 4, 9.7-inch screen with the resolution of 1536x2048 pixel Retina Display, meaning that everything on the screen will look clear and sharp, especially games or HD contents. On the back of this tablet, there is a 5MP iSight camera that is capable to do auto-focus.

Okay, enough with iPad Air. Now let’s move on to the newer iPad mini 2 with Retina Display. The new iPad mini 2 is now sporting the Retina Display, which has the resolution of 2048x1536 (326ppi), which is the same resolution of iPad Air. Overall, this newer iPad mini model comes with the similar specs just like the older brother, iPad Air. From the same A7 64-bit chip, 1GB of RAM, the same GPU, the same 5MP iSight camera and the same iOS 7 version. But all of these goodies can be enjoyed by the owners in smaller 7.9-inch screen and cheaper price tag.

The Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display can be bought for $399 for the 16GB model, $499 for the 32GB model, $599 for the 64GB model and $699 for the 128 model. And those are without the LTE connectivity, only WiFi. The price of LTE models of iPad mini 2 Retina Display starts at $529 for the 16GB model and goes all the way up to $829 for the 128GB model.

And if you want to snatch the iPad Air instead, you can get the smallest 16GB WiFi-only model for $499. Meanwhile, for the 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB WiFi-only models, price starts at $599 and up to $799 for the highest storage model. The price of LTE models of iPad Air starts at $629 for the 16GB model.

Well, if you’re interested to own one of these newer iPads, or even both of them, then you can head over to Apple’s website and order them both there.

Apple Officially Announces iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

As usual, every year, Apple will unleash its newer model of iPhone. However, unlike the usual iPhone announcement, this time, Apple doesn’t only out 1 model of iPhone, but 2 models of iPhones have just launched a couple of weeks ago. They are, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. And as expected by million of people all across the world, iPhone 5S is the flagship model, while the iPhone 5C is the cheaper model.

But guess what, apparently, Apple doesn’t do cheap phones. Instead of making iPhone 5C as a cheap phone in order to gain a much broader market share worldwide, Apple decides to make this cheaper looking iPhone still as an expensive smartphone.

Yeah, that’s right. It looks like, Apple has no plan to sell a cheap iPhone, even though iPhone 5C does look like a cheap plastic phone, compared to the other premium looking iPhone models. However, even though iPhone 5C looks like a cheap plastic phone, this device is still using some internals found on last year’s iPhone 5. From the display, iPhone 5C will come with the same 4-inch Retina Display with the same resolution of 640x1136 pixels, the same 8MP camera on iPhone 5 (and iPhone 5S), the same A6 chip on iPhone 5 and other similar hardware on iPhone 5.

However, there are also some upgrades here and there made by Apple on iPhone 5C compared to iPhone 5, from 1GB of RAM, iOS 7 OS and the upgraded camera sensor.

The thing that makes them both different is the casing. If iPhone 5 has that premium aluminum material all over its body, on the other hand with iPhone 5C, this phone will be using some kind of polycarbonate plastic material that doesn’t really look attractive in human eyes. And this is the huge minus point of iPhone 5C. I believe Apple made this phone only to attract kids or teenagers in this holiday season.

All in all, this cheep looking iPhone 5C will be sold for $99 on-contract and $549 off-contract, which is not a very good price point compared to Motorola’s recent release, Moto G, which has much better spec sheet than iPhone 5C (a better display, better hardware than iPhone 5C) and yet still sells only for $199 OFF-CONTRACT.

Okay, enough with the cheap looking iPhone 5C. Now let’s move on to the flagship model of iPhone 5S. As expected by many people in the world, this latest generation of iPhone will come with the same display just like last year’s iPhone, a new A7 chipset (the same one found on iPad Air and iPad mini 2), a bigger 1GB of RAM, an iOS 7 and all of its features, the same 8MP camera like on iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 but better sensor, better GPU than iPhone 5C and iPhone 5, and the most importantly, the new fingerprint sensor on the homebutton.

With all of these goodies, plus a more elegant and premium design, you can have your iPhone 5S for $199 on-contract for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model and 64GB for $399. And if you want to get it off-contract, you will need to pile up some more money for that model.

Amazon Readying The New Line of Kindle Fire HDX for the Holiday Season

In tablet market, Amazon must be credited for its brave decision to enter to this game with its pride Kindle Fire. Amazon's decision proved to be a game changer because since the success of original Kindle Fire, many companies started jumping to the 7-inch tablet market with their creations, including Google and Apple.

Amazon Readying The New Line of Kindle Fire HD for the Holiday SeasonAmazon Kindle Fire has been through a lot of changes since its first debut few years ago because this Android tablet now is made by Amazon in different kind of models with varied hardware bumps, from the screen, the chips, the User Interface, the battery life and of course, the contents or apps.

In order to prepare for the next holiday season, Amazon reportedly is ready to bring back its A-game by improving and adding more upgrades to its pride tablet. According to the report, the new line of Kindle Fire will be ready to launch possibly this fall. Similar to what Amazon already did in the past Kindle Fires, now the new edition of this tablet will get another hardware upgrades.

BGR claims that the series of Kindle Fire that Amazon has been preparing for this fall, will likely be the same ones as last year's models, from a non-HD 7-inch Kindle Fire, a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD and an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD.

The upgrades will take place on all of them. The low-end model will be getting a new 1280x800 pixel screen (an upgrade from 1024x600 pixels), which means, this now will become an HD model too.

Meanwhile, the higher 7-inch model, Kindle Fire HD, willl be stepping to 1920x1200 pixel tablet game. And the last model, the bigger one, Kindle Fire 8.9-inches HD will be armed with a 2560x1600 pixel screen, which is higher than the Retina Display of current large iPad 4th gen.

I think for the price tags of all of these models, Amazon will take another step further to the lower level in order to combat Google's rumored Nexus tablets (Nexus 7 and 10's sequels) that will be making their debuts this quarter. I just hope that Amazon can improve the build quality and design of its tablets because Google's Nexus tablets are not only great in spec sheet, but they are also superior in design.

So good luck Amazon!

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Playing Online Casino in France with

There are many ways that you can do on your laptop in order to entertain yourself. From watching movies, browsing cool and awesome websites, listening to your favorite music, reading digital books and most importantly, playing games. Playing games on laptop proved to be really fun to do because on laptop or PC, you can play all kind of games more convenient than on console.

From FPS, strategy, real-time strategy, online multiplayer RPG, until genres like online casino and gambling can all be played on your laptop without any limitation. That’s why, for some reason, i still believe there are many gamers out there still prefer to play their favorite games on laptop or PC. Besides, most of games on laptop or PC have well-polished graphics and look so much even better than on consoles.

Anyway, as mentioned above, by using your laptop or PC, you are able to play any kind of games without any limitation. That goes the same when playing online casino games. Playing online casino games on your PC or laptop is absolutey the best you can do if you can’t afford to go to Vegas. And if you happen to live in France, i have a great news for you, especially for those of you who love playing online casino games on your laptop.

Right now, there is one great online casino website in France called BonusCasinoFR that can be visited via And as a French online casino site, then this website is dedicated for all of you who live in France and of course, can speak French fluently. BonusCasinoFR is an online casino website that offers not only casino bonuses, but also promotions that will absolutely make you want to keep playing and playing in order to win the game, and most importantly, the cash.

One other great thing from playing online casino on BonusCasinoFR is, you can also learn more about all the regulations of playing online casino in France and pick which online casino websites that are eligible to play for French citizen like you. And this is really crucial because right now in this country, French people are ONLY allowed to play online casino websites that are hosted OUTSIDE the France. So by playing online casino at, you can sharpen your skill of playing this game conveniently.

So what are you waiting for? If you happen to live in France and want to play online casino games in France, then is definitely the website you want to check out.

Protect Your Device

Protecting your computer is important if you have important documents on it or just don't have the money to buy a new computer every few months. With so many issues that your computer could run into, you want to have protection against its screen cracking, water getting into the computer or any other damage that could happen to the computer.

While you could carry insurance on your computer or smartphone to help cover the cost of any damage, you shouldn't have to pay $50 a month or anything at all for insurance on a product that only costs a few hundred dollars. Having a cover makes insurance unnecessary because you won't have to worry about getting anything fixed.

For those who are thinking about protecting their smartphone, tablet or laptop, the device should come with a warranty for either 60 days or as long as a year. Therefore, you may not need to buy anything else than a cover for your computer.

You can go online to learn more about your options as it relates to protecting your phone, tablet or laptop. By taking common sense steps to keep your computer clean and free from debris, you can use it for years without much of a problem.

The New 2013 Google Nexus 7 Finally Launches: Could be the Best 7-inch Tablet to Date

When Google debuted the first generation of its pride tablet, Nexus 7 at I/O conference a year ago, many people were blown away especially by the value that this tablet came with. Having been armed with a full HD resolution display and Tegra 3 quad-core chip, this tablet became a big hit around 7-inch tablet market in the speed of light, thus making this niche grow into a huge and promising market for those manufacturers that wanted to enter the tablet-making business.

Google Nexus 7 Finally Launches: Could be the Best 7-inch Tablet to Date
However, as time passed, despite its quad-core processor, some users of old-gen Google Nexus 7 experienced that this tablet became laggy and lame especially when they crammed so many media files on this tablet.

The good news is, Google wants to make it up for you by introducing the next generation, the sequel, the successor of that sluggish tablet. 

Recently, the new Google Nexus 7 tablet just got announced by Google at its conference. And as everyone has expected before, as the sequel tablet, the new Nexus 7 obviously will bring many new upgrades and enhancements in many aspects, especially in hardware and software sector.

This year's Nexus 7 tablet, weirdly, is still named as Google Nexus 7 by the way. So you need to see the actual device in person or from video or photos if you don't want to confuse yourself when buying this tablet at the stores.

Anyway, as announced by the man that also unveiled the first gen Nexus 7 tablet a year ago, Hugo Barra, this year's Nexus 7 is so much even better than the predecessor. The first thing that stands out the first time when looking at this tablet is definitely its new design.

If on the previous model, there is a chrome-like trimming around the side bezels of Nexus 7, then on the sequel, Google decides to throw away that chrome trimming from the tablet with the exchange of full black bezels with no trimming anymore, making this tablet look so black and dark, especially when the screen is being turned off. And apparently, that is such a great decision by Google as the new design of Nexus 7 now looks so much even elegant and solid in hand grasp.

On the back side, as we already expected earlier from the leaked pictures/videos (from Android Authority) and the rumors, the logo of Nexus on the back will be re-designed by Asus in landscape orientation, so if you use this tablet in landscape mode, maybe for playing games or watching videos, people near in front of you can see the Nexus logo on the back without skewing their head in order to read it. That's again, a brilliant decision by Google or Asus.

Talking about the performance, the new Google Nexus 7 tablet now uses the different package of hardware. We already knew that the older gen Nexus 7 packs a Tegra 3 quad-core CPU with 12-core GPU, 1GB of RAM. The bad news for NVIDIA is, on this year's Nexus 7 tablet, Google favors more on Qualcomm homemade chip, a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, instead of NVIDIA's latest Tegra 4 chip.

And accompanied by Adreno 320 GPU and 2gigs of RAM, the new Google Nexus 7 can deliver much even faster performance than the predecessor model. It's even proved by the benchmark tests of this tablet that outpaced the result of its predecessor. Furthermore, Google already stated that with the new line of upgrade on performance hardware of the new Nexus 7, this tablet can deliver 4 times higher graphics performance than on the old Nexus 7.

Besides the performance upgrade on this device, Google also makes some major enhancements on the display. With 1920x1200 pixel resolution and pixel density of 323 ppi, the new Google Nexus 7 has officially surpassed even the resolution of larger iPad 4th gen that has the so-called "Retina Display".

Meanwhile, after so many negative feedback from the owners of old gen Nexus 7 that mostly complain about the lacking of rear-facing camera, Google apparently listens to that critics and silent them with the addition of rear-facing 5MP camera, to accompany the 1.2MP camera on the front side. However, since Google doesn't really put too much focus on the camera sector of this tablet, then don't expect the 5MP camera on the new Nexus 7 to be mind-blowing as other high-end smartphones.

But it's good to hear that Google decides to enable the rear-facing camera on this year's Nexus 7 tablet, allowing users to snap a bunch of pretty good photos and record videos when they don't have their high-end smartphones at their disposal.

On the software sector, the new Google Nexus 7 comes with Android version 4.3 pre-installed. And it brings many new goodies to the users, like the new addition of Open GL ES 3.0, that gives a huge improvements to the graphics performance on this tablet. And then the improvements on PhotoSphere app (a camera app that enables users to take full 360-degree panorama photos), which now will automatically fix the skewed parts in your panorama photos, thus presenting much tidier panorama photos in the final result.

Not to mention, despite a lower capacity 3950mAh battery, with the enhancements and tweaks made by Google on this latest Android software, now users of this tablet will never need to worry anymore about running out of juice as Google itself stated that the new Google Nexus 7 could last more than 8 to 9 hours in hardcore mode, like playing games, watching movies or browsing the web.

Anyway, other things like NFC, HDMI connector, LTE 4G connectivity, GPS and many more are also equipped on this tablet.

For the price range, as the smallest storage model, Google decides to price the 16GB Wi-Fi only model for only $229. And this is not surprising because with the new additions of 5MP of rear-facing camera, a much larger and better quality storage than on the predecesssor, plus some other enhancements like 2gigs of RAM and much better performance, then the price bump of $30 will not be such a big of deal at all. Meanwhile, the largest to date, 32GB Wi-Fi only model is priced at just $249.

So if you're still looking for the best tablet to date at really affordable price, then Google Nexus 7 is absolutely your best shot right now.

Are Google Nexus 5 in the Right Hands with LG?

Earlier, the rumors about new Nexus model from LG went viral around the phone community out of nowhere. That report actually seemed a bit difficult to trust given that LG just launched Google Nexus 4 not really time ago.

To remind you, this smartphone was unveiled at the first time to the public when Hurricane Sandy was making a chaos in the States. And the rumor is also a bit confusing to trust because LG then denied it by saying that the rumors are “unfounded”.
Are Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 in The Right Hands?

"Through our collaboration with Google, we launched the LG Nexus 4 smartphone. This is the first of many devices to come from our growing partnership with this very selective company." – James Fisher
But if the Senior Vice President of LG Electronics, James Fisher was the one that shot that rumor to the public, then there is nothing we can do except to nod along and started guessing about when that new Nexus model will be showcased by Google and what are the specs that this device will come with.

Anyway, according to the most recent news, the rumors about new Nexus model are now starting to shape up into one tangible report that is sort of believable because it now has much more details than the previous one, especially with the specs of this phone.

Are Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 in The Right Hands?
In fact, this source claims that Google will not just introduce 1 Nexus model, but 2 devices under Nexus’ flag will be unveiled by Google in the near months. And the most surprisingly, these 2 Nexus devices, which are a tablet and a smartphone, will be manufactured by no other but LG.

It's believed that at the next Google I/O conference in mid-May, this search engine giant is predicted to unveil these 2 LG’s Nexus devices to the attendees and they will be the sequels of Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

Okay, everyone, (drum roll) I’ll introduce you to Google Nexus 5!!

Yeah, that’s right. The first one,

Google Nexus 5 is said will have: 

  1. a 5-inch Full HD screen (shocked!!), 

  2. NVIDIA’s latest Tegra 4 processor (this, I’m really shocked because I thought this phone would use Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 800-series)

  3. 2GB of RAM, 
  4. 13MP butt-facing camera, 
  5. 3MP front-facing camera to do video calling or self portrait (or maybe, you want to take photos backwardly, who knows), 
  6. 8GB/16GB of internal storage 
  7. and the latest Android build version 5.0 out of the box.
You heard it right, it is Key Lime Pie bro. Rejoice!!

is Google really generous or LG will only supply low-quantity units to Google?

And for the price, again, I’m really surprised to hear this. Apparently, for the 8GB model of Nexus 5, Google will dare to price this insanely sophisticated smartphone for just $299 (according to the source).

I know, I know, how Google sells Nexus 5 will be similar like when selling Nexus 7 at just $199, where Google makes money by selling contents on Google Play Store.

However, I just think that if Nexus 4 doesn’t deserve to be priced for $299, then it will be ridiculous for me if the much much more sophisticated Nexus 5 will be priced at that same price tag. I think, Google is so generous.

I will not surprise if I hear the news that “Google Nexus 5 has sold out within less than a day, or 24 minutes” when this device officially launches on the Google Play Store.

I believe that (maybe) once again, LG will only supply low-quantity of Nexus 5 units for Google on Play Store. And then, sell it at “appropriate” price tag outside Google’s app market (retailers or carriers).

Google Nexus 7.7

Anyway, for the second device is Google Nexus 7.7, which not so surprisingly, is the sequel of Google Nexus 7 from Asus. But surprisingly, instead of Asus, the source believes that this tablet will also be assembled-slash-manufactured by LG.

Google Nexus 7.7 is predicted to have much better screen specs than the predecessor, with the resolution of 1920x1200 pixels and pixel density of 294ppi supporting this screen. I don’t know why Google will name it as Nexus 7.7. Maybe the screen will be increased to 7.7-inches in order to combat iPad mini’s screen, which is 7.9-inches.

But anyway, this Google Nexus 7.7 will be armed with Tegra 4 quad-core SoC (which has 72-core GPU by the way) and 8GB storage for the smaller model. And the great news is, this tablet now will have 2 HD cameras on the front and back, unlike Google Nexus 7 that only has front-facing camera.

And the most importantly, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will come pre-installed on this “beauty and the beast” tablet.

Is Google Nexus 7.7 in the right hands?

For some of you, maybe the news about LG handling the Google Nexus 7.7, instead of Asus, really surprises you, right? Well, don’t be, because recently, at CES in Vegas, LG actually has already showcased its new 7-inch tablet with the same exact screen specs as this rumored Google Nexus 7.7.

In my opinion, the reason why Google picks LG instead of Asus to build this Nexus 7.7 is maybe (sorry, I have used a lot of “maybes” lately because I’m not an “analyst”) because LG can provide 2 HD cameras on this tablet but can still maintain the low-price that Google asks for (allegedly $199), while on the other hand, as we’ve already heard before, Asus could only give 1 camera for Nexus 7 tablet in order to maintain the price at $199.

I don’t mind if LG is the one that Google assigns to handle Google Nexus 7.7 as long as LG can build this tablet with sexy design and powerful screen, just like on Google Nexus 4.

But one thing that really makes me excited is definitely the Tegra 4 SoC that will power these new Nexus devices. This tablet will absolutely be a beast for gaming.

Last but not least, I just hope that Google also makes the 3G-enabled model of Nexus 7.7 or even 4G, at the same time when Google launches the Wi-Fi model to the market. I believe this will sell like crazy just like when Google rolled out the 3G-enabled Nexus 7 to the market that became sold out within such a short time.

via PhoneArena, PhoneArena 2

Teaser Trailer of THOR: The Dark World Mobile Game Released by Gameloft and Marvel

In smartphone and tablet gaming, Gameloft is one of many game makers out there that has been showing its interest in developing comic-based mobile games to iOS and Android users. With the titles like The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, Hulk, and Iron Man, Gameloft has proved itself as a quality game developer in comic gaming space.

Teaser Trailer of THOR: The Dark World Mobile Game Released by Gameloft and Marvel
And apparently, its effort and interest will continue much further as Gameloft recently, with Marvel just released a trailer of their upcoming movie tie-in game called THOR: The Dark World mobile game.

If you have seen the first episode of this hammer-armed-superhero movie, then you already know that the hero character of this movie is narrated as a crown-prince of Asgard that is sent away by his own dad, a king of Asgard, from his homeland to the earth because his dad thinks that Thor is arrogant and cannot control his power especially when facing the battle, always putting his own troop in danger.

He then met a smart hot-looking women who happens to be a professor, observing anything related to lightning phenomenon.

Anyway, THOR: The Dark World's teaser trailer was released by Gameloft at Marvel's panel focused on showcasing the latest games to Comic Con's attendees.

Teaser Trailer of THOR: The Dark World Mobile Game Released by Gameloft and Marvel

According to the source, this game will be written by no other but, Christopher Yost, the screenwriter and Superior Spider-Man Team-up writer. And if you love doing missions and all bunch of stuff in multiplayer mode, then this game got it all, providing users over 100 missions to play.

Thor: The Dark World Mobile Game will be available on Android and iOS devices. So if you already have an Android or iOS-powered device, then you should wait a bit patiently as this game will arrive in November this year.

Hopefully, we'll get to see another great superhero game from Gameloft with mind-blowing 3D graphics and awesome addictive gameplay, just like it already did on The Dark Knight Rises or The Amazing Spiderman.

Apple Acquires HopStop to Improve its own mapping system

The decision of Apple to oust Google Maps from iOS 6 in favor of its own mapping system proved to be a fatal move and caused Apple a huge embarrassment in front of public, especially in tech world. There is no doubt that Apple Maps was a huge flop, thanks to its lack of accuracy in adjusting the location of map with the exact locations in real life, leading many iOS users to wrong places and even getting them lost.

Apple Acquires HopStop to Save Users from Getting Lost AgainBut Apple is trying to erase its bad memory and ready to embrace the future by improving further its maps. And hopefully, "HopStop" can help Apple reach that noble goal in the future.

Recently, Apple just acquired an online transit-navigation service called Inc. With this latest acquisition, Apple is seeking to fix and better its mapping tools in order to clean all the mess and bad press that have been caused by its rushy debut last year.

Apple Acquires HopStop to Save Users from Getting Lost AgainIf you just heard about HopStop (me too), according to its official website, this company provides users many directions for more than 140 major metropolitan areas in the US and 6 other countries. Not only that, HopStop also allows users to get information concerning directions that they want to travel either by car, bike, motorcycle, subway or even foot.

Anyway, given that the deal between Apple and HopStop was not for public consumption, there is not much detailed information concerning how much money that Apple spent on this service or where the meeting took place. However, yesterday, it was reported by AllThingsD that Apple was purchasing Locationary Inc., a Toronto-based company focused on business-location maps. So these recent purchases might have relations one to another.

Meanwhile, the same move has also been done by Apple's rival, Google, last month. This Mountain-View-HQ'd tech giant just acquired a company service named Waze Inc., a mobile app that gathers information from around 50 million of its users that hopefully can better directions and display traffic and road-hazard details to Google's own mapping system in the future.

It's gonna be interesting to see which one of them that can bring much better mapping system in the years future ahead, even though we all know the answer is absolutely Google Maps.

And with Google prepping its next-gen Nexus tablet (allegedly will be made by HTC and powered by Tegra K1 processor), then it's going to be so awesome if this tablet will have much improved Google Maps and Google Earth apps out of the box, making it the best all-around tablet, even for those travelers who love exploring new cities or climbing mountains by using these useful mapping apps, which actually already looked and worked great on even Google Nexus 7 (2012) and the second-gen Nexus 7 (2013 edition).

But who knows, with more and more services acquired by Apple to improve its maps, we're gonna see Apple Maps finally on par with Google Maps. Besides, Google Maps has been around since 8 years ago, while Apple Maps was debuted last year on iOS 6. So Apple still has more time to develop an equal contender to Google's golden boy.

But hopefully, with this recent purchase, there will be no more news about iOS users getting lost in hazardous places anymore thanks to Apple Maps.

via bloomberg

Nokia finally Unveils Lumia 1020 at Zoom Reinvented

Yeah everyone, finally, the first 41MP camera smartphone phone, (well actually the second after Nokia PureView 808) finally went public recently. Nokia finally unveiled the new addition in its Lumia line, Nokia Lumia 1020, at the recent Nokia event held specifically for this phone. The phone that was rumored to carry the name Lumia 909 according to EVleaks, now has officially been uncovered by the phone maker.

Led by the current Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, and accompanied by his 2 staff, Kristin and Juha, the presentation of Nokia Lumia 1020 was nothing but to show off the camera capabilities to the attendees.

So no wonder that Elop didn't mention whatsoever about the software sector of this phone until he was finally satisfied explaining how great and superior the 41MP camera of Lumia 1020, and it's not even that detailed.

Anyway, if we look back at the previous leaks and rumors, then this Nokia Lumia 1020 does really match with our expectation, especially regarding how the phone looks like. This phone looks really prominent with its yellow chassis and the design itself, seems leaving from the legacy design of Lumia series, which usually has sharp edges without rounded corners.

Photo taken with Nokia Lumia 1020
The camera of Nokia Lumia 1020, just like we've already heard earlier, is packing a behemoth 41MP Pureview sensor that promises users sharp looking photos and videos. Nokia Lumia 1020 also has many great stuff going on in the sector of camera interface.

According to Nokia, this phone will come pre-installed with Nokia Cam Pro UI, which has a wide range of camera settings as well as modes that will make your captured photos and videos look like pros.

On the spec side, Nokia Lumia 1020 will be armed with:
  • an older Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core clocked at 1.5GHz processor, 
  • a 4.5-inch display sporting a 1280x768 pixel resolution, 
  • 2gigs of RAM, 
  • 2000mAh battery, 
  • 32GB storage on board, 
  • of course, the fantastic 41MP camera plus Xenon flash 
  • and a bunch of features.
One of the great things about Nokia Lumia 1020 is the camera feature called "re-framing" that allows you to zoom in photo before capturing it, while you still have the 41MP quality photo in Nokia system.

So with this feature, if you want to target a far object, you can just zoom in the camera UI to get close to that object (with swipe down touch input) and capture it. And if you press the "re-frame" icon, the photo that you just took will turn into the actual full photo taken with the full high resolution camera. Therefore, if you want to look at the other are around the object (that you just captured), you can double press the screen to zoom out the photo.

It's really cool!!

The other great thing about this phone is of course, the 41MP camera. The Nokia Lumia 1020's camera is simply brilliant. For example, if you capture a picture of scenery, once the photo is saved, you can still zoom in and zoom out the photo and it still looks sharp.

It's just brilliant!

Nokia Lumia 1020 will arrive soon but exclusively for AT&T. You can get it in yellow, white and black chassis. But if you want to steal public's attentions, then you should definitely pick up the yellow one. Anyway, the phone will price-tagged at $300 on AT&T contract with a huge 32GB storage. So you'll get great internet data speed and a plenty of storage space to keep all of your media files, including high quality photos.

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Is Apple's Decision to Sell Cheap iPhone Gonna Damage its Reputation?

As we all know already, in the past few months, the rumors about Apple making the cheap edition of iPhone have been told quite often by all tech media around the globe. If in the previous report, we've already seen the leaked picture of affordable iPhone chassis in various different colors, now we just got another report telling us about the possible specs of the device that is rumored to carry the name iPhone Lite or iPhone 6.

The affordable iPhone or iPhone 6 has been widely rumored to have much lower specs than what will come on the next gen iPhone, the flagship one, iPhone 5S. However, that doesn't mean that the cheap iPhone will be lame because many believe it will still carry the similar specs found on the current iPhone 5, like the same chips, screen and many more.

So what differentiates the cheap iPhone with the flagship model? Well, it's very obvious that the decision of Apple to sell the iPhone at low price point means that there will be sector that Apple will sacrifice in order to achieve that goal, which is to sell iPhone at low price. And that is the design of the iPhone. And when i said design, it meant, the material that will be used on the cheap iPhone.

Some analysts have many interesting insights regarding what the cheap iPhone will look like. An analyst from BGR named Tero Kuittinen predicts that Apple will intentionally make the cheap iPhone look really cheap in order to avoid the future buyers of the flagship iPhone from shifting their target to the cheap one because it will have the similar specs and design just like iPhone 5.

By making it look cheap or even horrible in material and design, buyers who can afford flagship iPhone definitely won't buy the cheap model because it will not look premium. I think this prediction is really plausible given that Apple doesn't have any plan to let the cheap iPhone cannibalize the market of the flagship iPhone, just like what already happened on the iPad 4th gen thanks to iPad mini. So don't be surprised if we finally see the cheap iPhone will look ugly and use plastic material. 

Meanwhile, a UBS analyst named Steven Milunovich believes that by selling the affordable version of iPhone at around $350 to $400, Apple has a great chance to open up another 5 to 10% of users, which i think could be true given that Apple is planning to sell this cheap version of iPhone in many developing countries like China where affordable smartphones are selling like hotcakes there.

I think the decision of Apple to sell the cheap iPhone could be a game changer in the future smartphone market, specifically in mid end market. Although the specs of flagship model iPhone 5 are not that powerful compared to other high-end smartphones in the market, by selling the cheap version of iPhone (which would carry the same specs just like iPhone 5), Apple could gain another huge slice of share specifically in mid end market, which is huge and has been highly controlled by affordable Android smartphones in the past few years.

However, Apple must also remember that by making the affordable iPhone look cheap and horrible, Apple is just an inch away to damaging the company reputation of selling premium device.

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