Sony Ericsson W150i Phone Specifications, Features and Quick Review

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Recently, Sony Ericsson is trying to deliver another new product that doesn’t base on Android operating system, and it’s called Sony Ericsson W150i Yendo.

So far, Sony Ericsson has been doing really great with its strategy in entering the Android market with its Android based smart phones. And its products have done a really great job in building Android as a solid competition against iOS. So there will be no question asked if I say that Sony Ericsson has become one of greatest companies that brings cell phone to the next level.

Sony Ericsson W150i
Sony Ericsson W150i


Judging be the name of this phone, we might think that the name “Yendo” really sounds like a Japanese traditional cloth or something. But I honestly don’t really have a clue about it. Interestingly,

Sony Ericsson W150i had bunch of nick names before the name Yendo was taken and used for this phone. Sony Ericsson Yendo was previously rumored as Sony Ericsson W150 TeaCake and Sony Ericsson W150a Yizo.


Anyway, just like I mentioned above, Sony Ericsson W150i doesn’t base its system with Android OS, and will only count on its own operating system with the support of CPU 156 MHz processor to operate the TFT capacitive touchscreen.

With the support to display the screen quality of 256K colors, Sony Ericsson W150i TFT capacitive touchscreen looks really appealing and sophisticated on the outside. But, once you have got the chance to hold this phone on your hands, you may think the other way.

With the support to display everything on the 240 x 320 pixels screen resolution, the screen looks pretty good for a touch screen phone.

Interface and Functionality

Apparently, the core operating system of Sony Ericsson W150i doesn’t rely on the Sony Ericsson’s main operating system that have been utilized so far, such as: Java, Android or even Symbian (Sony Ericsson used to port Symbian OS on its touchscreen phones, say, P910i or etc). It's said that Sony Ericsson W150i will only use Sony Ericsson's proprietary platform in this phone. Therefore, this manufacturer must be ready to face scrutiny from the users, especially with the whole performance of its screen interface.

By looking at the performance on the screen, Sony Ericsson’s own operating system doesn’t really work at best especially with the screen sensitivity. For instance, every time you slide and view photos from your photo collection, this phone cannot deliver such a fast fluid interface just like the other Xperia smartphones, say, SE Xperia X8 or Xperia X10. And the interface will only show you the cut process on the screen. The other example is when you enter the text box to input letters, the result appears really laggy on the screen.

However, the overall interface of the screen looks really clean and bright, especially, the ability to put 4 shortcuts of your favorite applications on the corners of home screen. The other great thing about this phone is absolutely the gorgeous interface that being offered on the screen, with additional standard but colorful themes are available on this phone, photo can also be utilized as the background of the screen.


On overall design, Sony Ericsson W150i runs in the same framework design just like other Sony Ericsson’s Xperia phones. It looks really similar with Xperia X8 or X10 on the outside. The great thing about the design of this phone is the surface of the body has a really great design texture, especially with its concave lines across the surface. This really makes the design of this phone stand out little bit.

Maybe, it’s because the design of this phone uses the same design of standard Sony Ericsson Xperia phones. The home key is deployed at the bottom of the front body. It looks great and elegant, especially with the back light that glows around the black color.

Phone Specification

Sony Ericsson W150i features some basic functionality, such as: Bluetooth, USB, 2 MP Camera, Stereo FM radio, MIDP 2.0 Java version. But unfortunately, this phone doesn’t support 3G, WLAN, GPRS Class 10, Infrared port and GPS.

Multimedia and Entertainment

Since we can see that this phone is one of Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones, this phone is equipped with music elements, such as Loudspeaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, MP4/H.263/3GP player, Walkman player and TrackID music recognition.

Data Storage

Data Storage also gets special treatment from this manufacturer. Providing only 5MB in internal memory, an external memory up to 16GB is sold separately at the phone shops.

User Reviews

Talking about the pros and cons of Sony Ericsson W150i can take a lot of time in this quick review. However, there are several complaints from users including me that you should know before getting this phone:
  • This phone doesn’t provide zooming when taking a photo,
  • The sound and video quality are good,
  • The sensor is sensitive, which is great,
  • This phone is a waste of money,
  • This phone is useless and many more.
So you must be really sure if you are planning to buy this phone.

Battery Life

It is stated on the reliable source that Sony Ericsson W150i's battery can last up to 312 hours in stand-by mode and up to 3 hours and 30 minutes in talk time.


Bottom line, When releasing Yendo to the market, Sony Ericsson was well aware of which segment it wanted to target. Therefore, Sony Ericsson W150i was released to the market as a low-end cell phone with low price. This actually contradicts with today's smartphone/tablet manufacturers that put priority on performance and overall experience of their devices, even though they are released on low-end markets (Read also: 3 Best Performing Tablets at Low Cost)

However, compared to the features that being offered in this phone, especially Yendo is a touch screen smart phone with Sony Ericsson’s own proprietary platform being injected inside the device, this phone should be suitable for people that are looking for sophistication in phone, but at a very low price.

On the other hand, if you are tech-savvy user and are looking for a smartphone, then Sony Ericsson W150i is definitely a big NO!!

My Recommendation

But, if that is the case, other Sony Ericsson series, Xperia X8 should be a perfect alternative for Yendo. Xperia X8 offers a much much better and fluid user interface than Yendo because it runs Android OS and its price should now be at the low price around the market.

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Anonymous said...

i can't find the file manager in this phone

Anonymous said...

i too can't find the file manager in this phone anybody can help?

Anonymous said...

this phone very difficult to open when you insert sim and memory card. How can i open easily because my nail almost damage to open the cover for sim insertion?

Anonymous said...

This phone very difficult to open. How can I easily open this phone to insert the sim and memory card?

jeeva said...

i can't find the file manager in this phone & how to download the software?

If any one con pls post it.


Anonymous said...

it is a ver useless phone..i agree

Tim Miller said...

Agree. Especially with the late response of its user interface. I think you shouldn't buy this phone when the price is at the same price with other Android smart phones. It's simply not worth it.

murali said...

how can songs upload, i can't understand.........

Anonymous said...

Very poor software this phn is the equivalent of the 'wolf in sheepskin'..but considering the price this can be pardoned

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